Singers with military careers

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Singers with military careers

Here you'll find artists who've served their countries with the military forces.

1. James Blunt Artysta

Blunt served in the Brittish Army from 1996 to 2002. He even fought in the Kosovo War. His experiences back there inspired a few of his songs, like 'No Bravery'.

Kraj:  Wielka Brytania

gatunki:  pop, pop-rock, pieśniarz-autor piosenek

Języki:  angielski, francuski

2. Tony Tornado Artysta

His career started in the 1960's, after he served the Brazilian Army as a parachutist.

gatunki:  MPB (música popular brasileira), R&B/soul

Język:  portugalski

Popular song:  BR-3

3. Jimi Hendrix Artysta

He enlisted the American Army in 1961 and served until 1962, when he was discharged due to an injury.

Kraj:  Stany Zjednoczone

gatunki:  blues, psychodeliczne, rock

Język:  angielski

Popular songs:  Wild thingLittle wingHey Joe

4. Luiz Gonzaga Artysta

He served the Brazilian Army (in his home state Ceará) from 1930 to 1939.

Kraj:  Brazylia

Kategoria:  folk

Języki:  portugalski, hiszpański

5. Bella Poarch Artysta

Poarch is a U.S. Navy veteran. She enlisted in the Navy in 2015 and was stationed in Japan and Hawaii. She served for four years.

Kraj:  Filipiny

Kategoria:  pop

Język:  angielski

Popular song:  Build A B*tch

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Fool EmeritusFool Emeritus    czw., 22/07/2021 - 13:14

I take it you mean, actual voluntarily enlisted sngers? Otherwise, most Spanish male singers until the late 90´s would go here- it was mandatory to serve for 9 months for any males over 18.