Curse Ov Dialect - Curse ov the Vulk Makedonski

angielski, macedoński/Romanizacja

Curse ov the Vulk Makedonski

Let me represent without getting bent
Stay true to myself and respect my health
Stealth bombers are fast but my parents used a jumbo
To land on this sand, at school they called me dumbo
But I had fun though, put me down low and I'll glow
Now I flow in reality
Let my nationality grow
The Macedonian on the microphonian
Don't call me homie man 'cos there's more
In this wog's brain than being top dog for fame
How lame were my mental teachers?
Parental preachers with racial features
Now let me heat this, take a seat sis, are your lips sealed?
Brought up to be a bigot but the positive ticket I was handed 'cos that's what I demanded
Ever since Cook landed with his bandits they scammed the black culture, they rammed it, God damn it!
Cowards like Howard get showered with the power of unified people that treat each other equal
No time to fuck up, money makes you stuck up
You muck up the dollar, people holler
Rip off your collar, scholar shitty pretty boy lover
Нема ништо да дава почна да мува
Yes brother, I’m loud and proud of what I am
Don't give a damn, insult me if you can, I’m the Vulky
Multicultural society pusher man and diversity the way it should be
You fucking galahs like budgerigars on crows that ark!
We drink from the same waterholes and bars!
Ла ла ла ла ла лааа, ла ла ла ла!
Ла ла ла ла ла лааа, ла ла ла ла!
Ла ла ла ла ла лааа, ла ла ла ла!
Ла ла ла ла ла лааа, ла ла ла ла!
Има како морето, (?) Господето
За ќе прави сега, почна да бега бега
(?) на доле море (?) се да речи
Ми се многу (?), ќе се далече водечи
Абе нема (?), не може да речи нешто
(?) како (?)
Пусна да (?), (?) да се (?)
Има многу пари, за да носи Версаче
Начи (?), да ли нема (?)
Вака така мене ми е мака (?) ти нема сака
Не веднажа, (?)
Ајде, болни(?) луѓе!
Маке- маке- македонки!
Македонки билбилјанки!
Show's over, breaking out the pack like a rover
Still sober, drink too much your life's over
Individual failure, cross seas like a sailor
Live in Australia, still keep my culture
Bolt you down to the ground
Like it or love it
If you hate it, I'll shove it in your face, you racist disgrace
Fast pace rapping, people clapping
Strapping up my seatbelt, felt what you thought life's too short
To you a sport, a game head untamed and hollow
Follow referees rules, ignorant fools
Educational tools I’m seeing are being used
The West abused drinking up brews
In the East expensive shoes are worn, my garments are torn
At the crack of dawn mind reborn
Fuck your fashion, materialised image I scrimmage for knowledge
Silver spoon in college, empty shopping trolleys
Sucking up money like petrol in... holy carburettors a yuppie hater!
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Komentarz wysyłającego:

Chorus sampled from the folk song ,,Makedonki bilbiljanki". Help requested for the second verse. His Australian accent and my limited command of Macedonian make it difficult for me to transcribe it.

The word „мува“ in verse 1is pronounced as if it were spelled „мава“, and „Версаче“ in verse 2 is pronounced as if it were spelled „Весачи“, both due to Vulk's Australian accent.

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