Deep Purple - Love Don't Mean a Thing


Love Don't Mean a Thing

oh babe
I gotta get down
If I work hard every day
For my money
If I work my finger down to the bone
That ain't funny, oh yeah
Now if I see something I can't buy
I put a dollar down
Then I try try try to get my money
I need my money, oh yeah
A woman who ain't got a dime
I can't use her, no
If she ain't got no cash money
i got to refuse her, I've got to refuse her
I need a woman
With a whole lotta will
So will you help me, baby?
Help me pay my bill
I need my money, yeah
I've got to have money
I need lovin' to give me a livin'
So don't ask me, I don't need forgivin'
I will stand up to count the cost
But I know I won't stand the loss
I need a woman
With a whole lotta will
She can help me pay my bill
I need my money
I want my money
Before I say my prayers
I count my money
When I wake up
It had to be there, my money
You see, love-it don't mean a thing
When she loves you
She can't bring, can't bring you no money
I've got to have my money
Lookin' for lovin', I need a livin'
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