Deep Purple - Mitzi Dupree


Mitzi Dupree

Flying to Salt Lake City
Seats 3A and B
I was down and needed a window
But in 3A sat Mitzi Dupree
She said: "Hi! I am Mitzi, the queen of the Ping Pong!
Where you going boy?"
I said: "Nowhere"
She said: "I'm moving on"
I thought: 'What is this?'
I cannot resist, here she is
And I've always wanted a girl with a name
A name like Mitzi Dupree
She said: "What do you do?"
I said: "I'm a singer in a band"
She said: "Yeah, I'm an entertainer"
Reached out and took my hand
She was going to a mining town
Way up north to do her show
I said: "It must be cold up there"
She said: "Depends on who you know"
Oh, that look in her eye, I can tell you no lies
I'm just a man, she made me feel like a king
In my mind, I love you Mitzi Dupree
I know I love you, Mitzi Dupree
I said: "What is this -
>>Queen of the Ping Pong-business
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