Deep Purple - No One Came


No One Came

Maybe it's because I'm only starting
That I think it won't take too long.
Maybe it's because I can see you laughing
That I think you've got it wrong.
Maybe I could be like Robin Hood
Like an outlaw dressed all in green.
Someone said what's he gonna turn out like
And someone else said never mind.
Well I was big and bold and more than twice as old
As all the cats I'd ever seen.
I grew big hair and bought a suit
Of shiny white or was it cream,
I shook and shivered, danced and quivered
And stood on a mountain top.
No one came from miles ground and said
"Man, your music is really hot".
Well I knew what they meant because I was a freak
My throat was tired and worn.
My pretty lace just looked out of place
As they poured on the scorn.
I wrote on yellow paper from a man who was the king,
He said my boy we have some crazy scenes
There weren't any scenes at all like he was talkin' about
He must've been the king of Queens.
Well I could write a million songs about things I've done
But I could never sing them so they'd never get sung.
There's a law for the rich and one for the poor and
There's another one lor singers
It's die young and live much longer
Spend your money and sit and wonder.
No one came from miles around and said
"Man, your music is really funky".
I believe that I must tell the truth
And say things as they really are.
But if I told the truth and nothing but the truth
Could I ever be the star?
Nobody knows who's real and who's fakin'?
Everyone's shouting out loud
It's only the glitter and shine that gets thru'
Where's my Robin Hood outfit.
Well I've come and I've gone soon before you wink an eye
No one ever care enough to say goodbye
The money's good and the time you have
Fun and games galore
But you spend your money and lie in bed forgotten
And you wonder what you did it for.
No one came for miles around
And said Man, who's he?
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