Deux connards dans un abribus (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Two assholes in a bus station

[Intro: Orelsan & Gringe]
O. - You're sure you want to take the bus ? We can go there by foot.
G. - Ha ! No way : since my first steps, I've never walked again.
O. - Yeah, but it's only two stations away, we'll go faster by foot. And even faster if I didn't have my car to fix.
G. - Yeah, but well, you know Claude : the guy watches out what he spends.
O. - It was obvious that white spirit and oil wouldn't make gas...
[Verse 1: Orelsan & Gringe]
... It always starts with a handshake, an embrace followed by a broken nose.
This is how it goes at Rory MacDonald's...
... My girl mustn't know about it, I think all her pals saw me
But I couldn't help it : her ass was too nice.
Seems like she lays down faster than a corrupt boxer...
... You think I'll drop 20 bucks for some raw salmon ?
No way : you never know what they put in their Korean food.
All I eat is tortillas made with GMO.
If you dip your chips in Mexican sauce again, maybe you'll be fluent in Spanish before the end of the week-end...
... There is a fire station in front of my place, I hear so many sirens.
I feel like I'm spending my life in a sound system.
Haha, except that when your neighbours are burning there's no pull-up...
... Finally, I made an icky roll-up with three pieces of cigarette...
... I watched Scarface on the cable/ I was there when you watched...
Looking back, Tony Montana, he's crap.
He takes his friend out, sends his sis to the asylum.
All that to put a tiger in his garden, and dip into C. ...
[Bridge 1: Orelsan & Gringe]
O. - Yeah, but still, he's white...
G. - what are you saying, he's Cuban !
O. - Yeah, but i'm talking about the tiger !
G. - Damn...
[Verse 2: Orelsan & Gringe]
... So cheapskate : he cooks his pasta in his bath water.
What, seriously ? Come on, he's too cheapskate to take a bath.
He hides in the bathroom when the bill comes to not coughing up.
He wouldn't even share a Youtube video...
... Hit, as soon as the first round, he's been slaughtered...
... What is it doing ? You think we missed it ? Pff... It'll never arrive...
... Damn it, this shit, it's always playing.
The more they hammer us with their hits, the more I want to hammer them...
[Bridge 2: Orelsan & Gringe]
G. - Shit, give me your phone, I'm already out of 3G
O. - We've got internet, how can you be out of 3G ?
G. - Well, often, I'm too lazy or I don't remember the Wi-Fi code.
O. - How can you forget it ? The wifi code is "Gringe".
[Verse 3: Orelsan & Gringe]
No matter the login, and it'll be the same in ten years
Give me the more powerful computer, I'm so slow it won't change anything
I fall asleep and wake up clicking, it's the only way I feel alive
I've tuned my iphone so much that it has feelings...
[Bridge 3: Orelsan & Gringe]
O. - ... You think that animals have sense of humour ?
G. - Huh, don't know, but cat videos make me laugh.
[Verse 4: Orelsan & Gringe]
... I made the maniacs laugh to not be beaten up.
As a result, I lashed out at the first of the class.
Hehehe, never had this problem, I was the second one. Liar !
For real, I gave up some pairs under threat.
The guys were squatting near my home, pissing me of whatever I did.
I'm still chilling each time I drop by...
... Do you know the one with the mechanic smoking cylinder head gasket*?...
Do you think that the underground's lunatics are normal on the surface?
... As long as you start to use clever words, like : "He is pugnacious"...
... Do my clothes scratches, or is it the first symptoms of the dengue ?...
... Damn, what time is it ? It's been a while we're hanging around?
I think that some fucking strikers screwed us...
... I was hitting on chicks online, making dirty jokes.
Then my girl busted me, never he saw her again
Haha bastard ! By the way, I've never really been into IAM**.
Fuck ! whereas it was my thing.
I wished I looked like A.K.H., "Ombre et Lumière" : it was my Bible.
I don't give a fuck about pharaons, I copied the flows of 'L'Skadrille.
I thought I was a thug with my marble gun
For me it was more like week end at Granny's, Happy Families...
[Bridge 4: Orelsan & Gringe]
G.- One brick : aging ?
O. - Population !
G. - Fertile period ?
O. - Ovulation !
G. - League 2 play ?
O. - No action !
[Verse 5: Orelsan & Gringe]
... In the mangas' shops, there's always a fucking odious geek
Who snitchs on the end of the story : you've not finished the second volume.
A spotty guy who knows everything, who's part of the furniture,
I'm not here for a synopsis contest...
... And here, he breaks his femur, you don't mess with Rory,
On the ring, all his opponents have been burried
The last one who played the hero ended up entirely transplanted...
... Isn't it your sister there, with a big beer Bottle?...
Swinging stuffs ? I don't know, I wouldn't dare,
Imagine yourself running into a friend's mom, it's true
When you fuck a friend's mom, you must show a minimum of respect.
[Bridge 5: Orelsan & Gringe]
G. - Hey, but, we are November 11th : isn't it public holiday ?
O. - It is.
G. - So, there's no bus ?
O. - Shit !
G. - So we're two assholes waiting in a bus station, on public holiday?
O. - We go home ?
[Chorus: Orelsan]
Two assholes in a bus station, two assholes in a bus station
It's just two assholes in a bus station, two assholes in a bus station
It's just two assholes in a bus station, two assholes in a bus station
It's just two assholes in a bus station, two assholes in a bus station
[Transition outro: Orelsan & Gringe]
O. - What are you doing ? Typing ?
G. - Yeah, I'm typing my resumé, now. There's a blank of ten years, I don't know where I've been...
O. - Really ?
G. - Well, yeah, but uh...
O. - Nah, like, really, you're really typing you're resumé right now ?
G. - Huh, of course I'm typing my resumé ! Hey, for me, their single stuff, if it doesn't work, what do I do ?
O. - Yeah, I see. But, you know don't freak out, uh, I mean, huh, it's not like we've never worked before,uh... Here, take the joystick...
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* it's a play on word in french with "joint" which means joint and seal at the same time.
** French rap band

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