Dog’s life

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chienne de vie
Kutya élet

Znaczenie „Dog’s life”


an unpleasant and unhappy life.

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собачья жизнь (т.е несчастная, тяжёлая)

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"Dog’s life" w tekście piosenki

Casper - Gone

[1st verse]
Ah, today I'm gonna leave the job (job), God, I hate this rut (rut)
A few more days like this, man, I swear then my head is gonna explode
You always just have to behave according to rules and lists

Kontra K - Breathe in deeply

I inhale deeply in my chest, my heart beats in
time to the beat and you won't get me broken
Wash the filth of old defeats from my
skin, because I grow like a tree just out of

Casper - The Grizzly Song

Always wanted to escape from the dog's life
From the kitchen table made from an upside-down cardboard box
And away from the vermits in the closet
to be more than the subtenant of the man on the street, one day.

Sting - Perfect love...gone wrong

I've had a question that's been preying on my mind for some time
I won't be wagging my tail for one good reason
It has to be a crime

Saltatio Mortis - Ballad of the Gallows

Oh brothers you can leave us floating(/hanging) on these ropes.
With this dog's life we have
been fed up long ago.
We've never laid in a white bed

Sex Machineguns - A Dog's Life


If I were I dog I'd wanna be kept at your place

Kontra K - Go!

[Part 1]
Stomach's growling, fuck the groupies, I only hunt for my pack
Have respect for my own blood and more stress than is good
Dude, my heart beats like a ticking clock, I bet all that I have

Ozan Doğulu - Dear viewers

What happened? Did you get excited?
The words are in line in your eyes
Don't let them hurt you

Tommy Seebach - Disco Tango

Them queue up with an eye on her, every time she enters

In the daytime she’s living a dog’s life
Practising dressage as a pastime

Şevval Sam - I live a dog's life

you turn me to your way
in my damn world I live a dog's life
lonely nights, scary dreams
look at me and see i live a dog's life

John Lennon - Crippled Inside

You can shine your shoes
and wear a suit
You can comb your hair
and look quite cute

Serge Gainsbourg - Evil Eye

Piece of string
That’s life
Dog’s life
Weather for dogs

Jean Gabin - As you stroll by the waterside

From monday to saturday,
when you've done dully
your grinding job
to earn peanuts,

Jacques Dutronc - Loneliness

Like a worm I am naked(o-0)
There are no more birds in the tree
There is not a cat on the street
I walk alone like a crab

Astérix (OST) - What Are We Waiting For?

What are we waiting for?
Straight forward, follow the brave Asterix
What are we waiting for?
The Caesar guy gotta go down, Asterix will take care of that

Vészk'járat - Dog

Master, I'm not wag my tail,
barking at the moon 'till this tune cries
I'm left alone, but don't take my blood,

Pitura Freska - A Foul Gang

If things are going wrong, they pretend nothing happened.
They go looking for Martians
and here on Earth they make us live the dog’s life.

Jokke & Valentinerne - A dog's life

Life has turned against me again
Once more, I have lost a friend
And just because in one little moment
I felt like calling my friend a dog

Eels - Dog's Life

What would you say if i left this town tomorrow
I guess i would
But know i'd miss the train
I know i would

Rush - Dog Years

In a dog’s life
A year is really more like seven
And all too soon a canine
Will be chasing cars in doggie heaven