Dozhd' dlya nas (Дождь для нас) (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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The Rain For Us

In my house you can't see any wall
In my sky you can't see any moon
I am blind, but I can see you
I am deaf, but I can hear you
I don't sleep, but I have dreams
It is not my fault
I am mute, but you can hear me
And that's our strong point
The night comes again
I am drunk, but I hear the rain
The rain for us...
The apartment is empty, but we are here
We have little, but here we are
The rain for us...
You can see my star
You believe that I will go
I am blind, I can't see stars
I am drunk, but I remember my role*
You look at the Milky way
I am the night, but you're the core of the morning
I am a dream, I'm a myth, but you're not
I am blind, but I can see the light
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* (lit) my post, my duties

Dozhd' dlya nas (Дождь для нас)

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