dressed to kill

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Idiomatyczny przekład "dressed to kill"

dressed to the nines
skockan od glave do pete
Se mettre sur son trente et un (31)
Être sur son trente-et-un
Être tiré à quatre épingles
ντύνομαι στην πένα/τρίχα
ντυμένος στην πένα
ντυμένος στην τρίχα
Ir hecho un pincel.
Vestido de punta en blanco
Wie aus dem Ei gepellt sein
разодетый в пух и прах
îmbrăcat la patru ace
Klädd up till tänderna
iki dirhem bir çekirdek
Süslenip püslenmek
Kicsípi magát
vestito di tutto punto

Znaczenie „dressed to kill”


dressed to make a strong impression, usually in fancy or stylish clothes

Example: I was embarrassed when I walked into the party
thinking it was informal and found that everyone except me was dressed to kill.

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"dressed to kill" w tekście piosenki

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Was in shootouts with the law, but he live in a palace
Bought me Alexander McQueen, he was keepin' me stylish
Now that's real real real, gun in my purse, bitch I came dressed to kill
Who wanna go first? I'll have 'em pushin' daffodils

Miyavi - REAL?

Groove on this, the moment is now, what you feel is real

The clones are out tonight and they are seriously dressed to kill
Hey look the robot’s gonna buy you drinks while testing out his sex appeal

Saweetie - Good Good

You know how traffic be backed up, hard to be on time
And it take a minute for me to get this fine
I be dressed to kill these hoes, so it's worth the crime
Please don't catch an attitude 'cause then I will catch mine

Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me

Reelin' and rockin'
We're rollin' with it win or lose
The girls are dressed to kill
Lookin' for a thrill

Charles Baudelaire - The Vampire

Into my heart with deadly thrill:
You who, stronger than a crowd
Of demons, mad, and dressed to kill,

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

You spread the word around

Friday night they'll be dressed to kill
Down at Dino's Bar & Grill

Leonard Cohen - If It Be Your Will

In their rags of light
In our rags of light
All dressed to kill
And end this night

Lamont - Flesh to Flesh

Evil smiles on graveyard faces
All dressed to kill
They've got no mercy and no limitations

Nicki Minaj - Anakonda

kupovao mi Alexander McQueen*, održavao moj stil
to je ono pravo, pravo, pravo
pištolj u tašnici, kurvo, došla sam dressed to kill*
Tko će prvi? Napustit ćete dobre curice

Nyxx - Nightmare

Just like a chill
I was your black sheep baby--
Now I'm dressed to kill

Asaf Avidan - My old pain

Of me

I am dressed to kill
In my old skin

Downplay - Get Up

She's lookin' even better tonight than she did last night
She's not dressed to kill
She's dressed to fu**

Sister Sledge - He's the Greatest Dancer

Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci
He looks like a still
That man is dressed to kill

Bigflo et Oli - As usual

After a couple of drinks, my skinny buddy wants to have a fight, he thinks he's full of muscles. We'll have to chill him out, as usual
No way we'll make it into the club
I'm dressed to kill though. At least the usual jokers are in a huff
We like our life that way. Well' make our come back, promise, but for now we're just enjoying the city at night between friends

Stahlmann - Military Lapdance

Links, rechts, und marschiert
Die High Heels sind schick aufpoliert
Links, rechts, dressed to kill
Weil ich dich auf meinen Scheißstand will

Pop Evil - Boss's Daughter

That girl, she's a loaded gun
Gonna take 'em out, take 'em one by one
She knows when she's dressed to kill
She'll put a bullet in your heart

Scorpions - The Zoo

So many worlds away

I meet my girl, she's dressed to kill
And all we gonna do

Kollision - Space Cadet

Diamonds lit, no chandelier
Poppin' shit just like a pill
Shawty bad, she dressed to kill

Gazebo - Telephone Mama

just living on a poison pill
just telephone mama
a robot dressed to kill
telephone mama

Lord of the Lost - Kingdom Come

We cannot wait till kingdom come!
Naked I came from mother’s womb
And dressed to kill I will depart
I will not give but I will take