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έμαθα μια ζωή
να πονάω, να αγαπάω
έφτασε η στιγμη
να το μαθό, μαρτυράω
επιμένω, επιμένω
η ζωή μου νησί
μακριά μου εσύ
υπομένω, περιμένω
στη καρδιά μου εσύ
η ζωή μου νησί
έμαθα μια ζωή
να σε νοιάζομαι
στην αγάπη σου αφτί
να σκοτώνομαι
έτσι να σώνομαι
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I insist

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I have learned through out a lifetime
to ache, to love
The moment has come to learn it, I admit
I insist, I insist
My life is half
(because) you are away from me
I endure, I wait
In my heart, (there is) you
My life is half
I insist
I insist
I insist
I have learned through out a lifetime
to care for you
I let my self believe in fairy tales (= be fooled).
In your love
to get killed (= lose my self)
and, in this way, be salved.
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The song is about openly admitting the unwillingness to let go of a long-lived love and believing that this love will be saved in the end and will save the one loving because he insists on not giving up the fight.

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