Dura (Дура) (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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One found himself a dumb bitch.
The other was already getting rid of the sixth.
I want it at home, but I never sleep.
And I want an ordinary one for myself.
We fell.
Tell me, how are you going?
Do we need to start something again..?
Call me.
Tell me how I was drunk...
Since I don't remember.
How finished you are!
You slept with someone else
While I was loving by the shop-windows.
Flutter your wings, like a butterfly.
Fly away...fly away...fly away
And don't come back!
The hands were caressing, caressing.
Opening and closing the wallets.
In front of fat-bellied dudes
Your girl is dancing naked.
All the neighbors are not sleeping for a reason.
Valerian drops are drunk in gallons
Three hours till the morning comes.
After our fights you should call the police
And hand me over to the fucking cops.
This will never repeat itself.
I promise!
We don't need these meetings and partings
Instead of doing
What people do by night.
That's the kind of love we have!
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Komentarz autora:

Valerian is a popular herbal medicine used for treating insomnia.

"мусора" lit. means "garbage(s)" and is a very common way to refer to policemen.

The title in Russian means "idiot" but when addressing a woman, that's why the "bitch" in the first line, to make that clear. Technically it's just "idiot."

I tried to go for the whole "making sense" thing, but with these types of songs there's not often much of it to begin with.

Delete the last 6 lines of the lyrics, they are not lyrics.

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Dura (Дура)

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