[SOLVED] Can't put link to an image when making a post

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<a href="/pl/translator/yui-mizuno" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1461093">Yui Mizuno</a>
Dołączył/a: 22.06.2020
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Hello, I was trying to make a post discussing what an album portrait says (because the text written on it is pretty confusing), but when I finish the post and try to submit it, this message appears: 

You can't submit messages containing links to disallowed resources. If you feel that it is incorrect, contact mods or admins.

So the thing is how am I supposed to make a discussion about an album portrait if I can't post the link to the image of the portrait?

Moderator glossophile
<a href="/pl/translator/knee427" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1110108">Alma Barroca</a>
Dołączył/a: 05.04.2012

The website at the moment does not support images being posted in comments.

Please use imgur or other image hosting sites for that, then just copy and paste the link.

However, as far as I'm aware, Novice users can't put links in comments for the system thinks it's spam. You have to rise in the user roles to be allowed to do that.

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