Proofreading for completed transcriptions.

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Dołączył/a: 22.10.2018
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This is a suggestion of mine. If you complete a transcription request. you should be able to request proof reading in case a native speaker hears a different word then you did.

For example here are two songs that are transcription request.

Now they have some question marks indicated that I (and in the case of the first one the person who guessed the lyrics) wasn't sure of some of the lines. So proofreading for transcriptions should be a feature

<a href="/pl/translator/altermetax" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1360194">altermetax</a>
Dołączył/a: 04.11.2017

That's a great idea, I think it should not just be implemented for completed transcription requests, but also for songs you added yourself.

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<a href="/pl/translator/hansi-klauer" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1249237">Hansi K_Lauer</a>
Dołączył/a: 11.06.2015

Whenever an editor has the time and feels like doing it
they should check on the list of newly added songs in their native language
and proofread them.

<a href="/pl/translator/l%C3%ADadan" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1109697">líadan</a>
Dołączył/a: 31.03.2012

I'd like to expand on that:

- Disable the ability to 'Add a translation' / 'Request a translation'
- Ability to subscribe to songs added to a language with the option of 'proofread song' selected on them. This way, native speakers and proofread the lyrics too.

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