l'amicizia (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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Friendship not praise around, u can´t see it but feel it
u wont be my friend because u want it but u will be it if u dont give a damn
Friendship does not born only because we talked 2 Times
also if we know each other since an entire life it doesnt mean necessary we are friends
Friendship says everything face to face and is not scared hurt someone only for doing good
but if it s true and there s interest it wont die
I dont know what a friendship should look like but i knoq what s not
Friendship is not like time that passes because the true one never pass
i prefer an honest enemy than a shrewd friend
because an enemy will teach me not to be as him
so it s clear enough that two real friends doesnt realize it
when they start to pretend "respect for each other" they re touchin the bottom
so talk me about things u never said and tell me who you really are
i will recognise you if i know you, you will recognise me if you know me
I dont know what friendship is but i surely know what is not
And friendship is not having respect, because for having respect u will never talk
but when a friend is wrong he will appreciate you and accept your certainties
because "accepting" is the best verb and the main brick to build love
that can help me to understand , you can ever heal and you canb ever talk to build love
while to respect each other u never talk
because when you are wrong a friend appreciate you and accept your certainties
because accepting is the best verb and the main brick for building love
because actin like a friend is not the same as being one
and now choose what friendship is
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