جميل جمال (Gamil Gamal) (tłumaczenie na angielski)


جميل جمال

جميل جمال، مالوش مثال
ولا في الخيال، صدق اللي قال
زي الغزال.. جميــل جمـال
ليه الدنيا جميلة وحلوة
وانت معايا، وانت معايا؟
ليه بتخلي القلب في نشوة
وأنسـى أسـايا وأنسـى أسـايا؟
تسألني ليه.. معرفش
والسرِّ إيه.. مفهمش
عطف وحنان، من الزمان
ولاَّ عشان
جميل جمال
زي الغزال
ليه لمَّا بشوفك بعْينَيَّ
روحي تغنِّي.. روحي تغني؟
وتْغنـي الأحلام حواليِّا وتطمنِّي، وتطمني
نظرةْ عينيك.. تسحرني
وشـوقي ليك.. حيَّرني
ليه كل الأزهار بتحبك؟
والطيـر والناس
علشان الرقة اللي فقلبك
ولاَّ الإحسـاس؟
ولاَّ القوام.. والخفَّة
والإبتسام عالشفَّة؟
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His Beauty, So Beautiful

Wersje: #1#2
Your beauty, so beautiful, unlike anything else
Can't even be imagined, truthful was the one who said
Like a deer, his beauty, so beautiful
Why is the world beautiful and sweet
When you're with me, when you're with me?
Why do you leave the heart in a trance
And I forget my anguish, I forget my anguish?
You ask me why .. I don't know
And what's the secret .. I don't understand
Tenderness and love, from the eras
Or because
Your beauty is so beautiful
Like a deer
Why is it that when I see you with my own eyes
My soul sings, my soul sings?
And dreams sing around me and reassure me, reassure me
A look from your eyes .. bewitches me
And my longing for you .. baffles me
Why do all the flowers love you?
And the birds and people
Because of the compassion in your heart
or the emotionality1?
Or the principle2 or the humor
Or the smile between the lips?
  • 1. A difficult word to translate, in this context, this word means something akin to possessing positive, warm emotions that are genuinely and freely expressed
  • 2. Another word with multiple meanings; in this context it could mean 'your principles' or 'your stature' as in position or your worth
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