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Gökyüzü Çağırdı Aşkı (tłumaczenie na angielski)

  • Wykonawca: Gülçin Ergül (Gülçin Ergül)
  • Piosenka: Gökyüzü Çağırdı Aşkı
  • Tłumaczenia: angielski, bośniacki
tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Sky Called For Love

Every breath hurt me,
Every day it hurts more.
It is impossible to get used to
Waking up without you.
It's hard to accept,
Is it true that you're not here?
I don't have strenght that I used to have
To stand upright again.
I can't sleep even a little bit.
My gaze faded in your picture.
Your heart that is beating in my eyes,
Has became my star now?
The sky called for love.
The sky called for love.
The sky called.
I am alone now, my love.
I am alone.
Your love was too much for the universe.
Your love was too much for the universe.
Too much for the universe.
Just ashes of love are left now.
Just the ashes are left now...
Your love won't end inside my heart.
Memories are my tears.
Your ghost is my confidant.
Is it easy to move along
Without you?
It's hard to accept,
Is it a nightmare that you're not here?
My hands are freezing now,
Where is your warmth?
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Gökyüzü Çağırdı Aşkı

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