Gol (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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Enough with the accounting of conscience
Was it's trial successful
We moved away from the best, from the middle
Ah, an open pressure of neighbors from the block
This dog fight never ended
We've scratched the fence of our mind
Child grew up, epoch has changed
Especially if you challenge me
I'm ready, I'm not afraid of you
Afraid of me now, mister
Whatever we do, aren't we doing it again
Aren't we turning left after pointing to the right
If we shoot at the goal and miss
Aren't we just talking out of our butts
Will we let our dreams stay skinny
No way, we'll make it, of course
Don't hold me down, don't block my way
I used to think differently
I used to get upset
Darn it, good morning, come on, walk
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