• Haris Džinović

    Sjećaš li se one noći

    Tłumaczenie (angielski)

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Do you remember that night

The sadness was in the air on that cold night
You kiss me, love me and then disappear
If you have nowhere to go tell me
I can't go another day without you by my side
Chorus 2x
Do you remember that night
When you told me "no"
Those were my eyes
That also spilled tears as you cried
Summer is around the corner, and love blooms
I wander around without you
If only you were here, here to hold my hand
Oh, if only I were lucky enough
We'd walk through the long city streets
Until wine drowns our souls
Let the people see us embraced and happy
Let them see how love wins the battle
Chorus 2x
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Sjećaš li se one noći

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