God Bless You

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бурхан оршоо бутын чинээ сахал урга
عافیت باشه
Çok Yaşa

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live long

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Never knew God's blessing is so limited, not open-ended, are you sure ? The lyrics shown here do not say anything about the scope of blessing. Could we have some native speaker's opinion? Even Vulcans give you more: "live long and prosper" :-) So far as I know, originally (and even today) it was said to somebody after a sneeze to help him get better, toget God's help to overcome the disease. In Polish/Russian you say after a sneeze "To your health". I think in English it's "God bless you" - just open-ended blessing. - IsraelWu 2 lat temu

"God Bless You" w tekście piosenki

Saad Lamjarred - call God for help

God bless you a lot
I thank him at all times
A large sea of ​​goodness
And say, Glory be to God

Ana Gabriel - What a Way to Lose

You leave and I go away
At losing you I'm winning
Go away and see what you can find and God bless you

Carmen Soliman - God bless you for my heart

What would I dream or ask for, you're so much for me

May God bless you for my heart, to be with me all the time
Wheneve I hear about you, I realize I chose right

Hwasa - I'm a bitch*

Excuse you, I'm a bitch

Who dares to love me?
Take a closer look

Tamer Hosny - God Bless You


god bless you
you're more precious than my eyes

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Chechen Patriotic Song (The Land of Prophet Noah’s Grandsons)

There is no God except God,
May the almighty God bless you,
There is no God except God,

Barış Manço - Mint Lemon Rind

ha ha ha ha ha a heal-all is coming, be patient pretty
ha ha ha ha ha atishoo
God bless you
You too

Nelson Ned - Happy Birthday My Darling

Happy birthday to you my love!
I do not know where you are now.
May God bless you now
only God knows where you are.

Myriam Fares - Stand up

All the beauty and sympathy of the Universe is in your hands.

Come on, come on, come on! Beautiful! Moon! God bless you!
Show me your beauty. Come on, you, girl!

Turkic Epics - The Epic Of Manas Part 1

the Kalmuks wanted to destroy the Cakıp's aula for the Kortuk's
vendetta in front of every soul, everything fit snugly into each other
and squeezed Cakıp, he, put himself together after summoning Akbalta and heard what he had to say, found the guts, then sent men to get some help from the neighbor and keeper Kongurts, Naymans and Kazakhs, Manas was surprised when he saw his mother, "Mom, what happened to you?" Çıyırdı, without saying a word dropped her tears, begged, weeped, "I'd sacrifice myself for you, my darling! My sun in the sky! Are you alive? You OK? Did you get hurt?" Çıyırdı's heart was so comfortable when she saw her son, found some peace, stopped crying, she prepared to pack so happily like she was reborn, the Manas who learned about the thing from his father, "God bless you father" he laughed with much joy, didn't esteem him, Suddenly seven Kalmuks emerged in front of Manas and Çıyırdı, who had their horses backed. One of them had recognized Manas and started shouting, "This is the one who killed Kortuk." One looked at their horses, six of them raised their hands to strike Manas.
"Please, do not touch my only son! Do not upset me!" he cried out in front of Manas.

PENTAGON (PTG) - Basquiat

Throw away crown that emit meaningless light
You gonna View true light
GOD bless you
Fly up the Sky high to looking for answers

Hussein Al Jasmi - Goodbye

Hopefully your eyes will never see misery
All I have is God and you
God bless you
And may you only have fun and see happiness

Maiara & Maraisa - You Don't Care

God bless you

Celia Cruz - Your Voice

Celia and Vicente -
God bless you my good, your grace and your being that make me dream

Gims - holy man

you're not falling back, coward
you left me in the fog
god bless you, all that's of this world
house full of money, that's also of this world

FTIsland (F.T. Island) - God Bless You

Never stop even for a moment
See you soon
Just the “God bless you!”

Broederliefde - Alaka

Oh god, sweetheart come flirting bam, boom, galla, mami wanna see you squirting (oh god oh god)
I like the way you do it, but if I'm in that toto, then it feels just like a bullit (oh god)
Baby, God bless you, because yes that liqour in your body let's you go crazy
Alaka alaka alaka alaka, 2 fingers

Saad Lamjarred - لغادي وحدو

the deer that runed from forest where is her hunter you invisibled
God bless you missed her./his way ohhh princess
God bless you missed his/her way from now I go in my way

Đorđe Balašević - But Did We Once Eat Well

Just as we were getting hungry we hear
Sido, dinner, God bless you
At once at the brown table

Mesut Kurtis - Adnani

Ahmed written on the paradise
May God bless you
Ahmed in secret and advertising