God willing

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Idiomatyczny przekład "God willing"

ان شاء الله

Znaczenie „God willing”


used to express a wish or hope.

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"God willing" w tekście piosenki

Call Of Duty (OST) - Russian Theme

God willing
God willing

Babek Mamedrzaev - You read the Bible, and I read the Quran

Praise be to Allah, that you are mine.
Inshallah1 together forever.
I love only Allah

  • 1. Inshallah - expression for "God willing"

Alabina - Let's Go My Darling

Your lips are a song
Oh my torment, my torment, my torment
I tell him "god willing"

Mos Def - I'm Leaving

Space and time
Got a lot of things I got to do
But God willing I'm coming back to you back to you
I'm leaving

Salvatore Adamo - If God Wills

have made six million trees grow.

God willing, God willing, God willing, God willing

Amr Diab - My heart desired her

Being with me, many a time I repeated "God willing ......
... my love, you'll be mine. God willing"

Hussein Al Jasmi - 6 morning

I’ll stay behind you… circling and searching..

God willing I’ll go to a hundred doctors, my love, my medicine is to wait for your eyes

Orange Blossom - My nation

That dream that I'm always dreaming
To see you _ God willing _ dignified

Oğuzhan Koç - From Excitement

Or if you laugh
God willing, I hope I won't die from excitement
God willing, I hope I won't kiss your lips,
If you don't love me, alas!

Mohammed Assaf - Oh Flying Bird

Al Aqsa its landmark
Inshallah God willing
We will gather there

The Idan Raichel Project - God knows

You will be waiting for me
where it's always spring
But God willing
I will come back to you

Dorival Caymmi - March of the Fishermen

My ship1 is heading to the sea
I'm going to work, my dear.
God willing, when I come back from the sea,
I will bring along a good fish.

  • 1. Lit.: raft.

Omer Adam - Kuku Riku

Love, love, love 1

Habibi, inshallah, habibi2 tonight, habibi, tell me, habibi3
Say what's up? Tutto bene 4

  • 1. sung originally in Spanish
  • 2. Arabic for 'my beloved, god willing, my beloved'
  • 3. Arabic for 'my beloved'
  • 4. Italian for 'everything is good'

Los Bukis - I have a feeling I will cry

Together with sadness, I'll depart from you
But don't be sad, my love
Because, God willing, I'll be back soon

Olamide - The One

30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100
Forever and a day more and days after that one
God willing baby, love you forever more

Soolking - Rock star

Press the gun button, die nigger

If I do not go out today, I will go out tomorrow, God willing

Rowaida Attieh - Shu sahl el haky

And they told me to give him up

It's just a dark cloud that will pass, God willing, he hasn't forgotten me

Freddie Mercury - Barcelona

If God is willing
If God is willing
If God is willing
Friends until the end

Atiye - God forbid

And the love will be double-roasted

God will see who's burning, God willing will see
It hasn't cure, God forbid!

Hussein Al Jasmi - 6 in the morning

I’ll stay behind you… circling and searching

God willing I’ll go to a hundred doctors, my love, my medicine is to wait for your eyes