Heart sink

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Ürəyi düşmək
دلسرد شدن
Yüreği ezilmek

Znaczenie „Heart sink”


Ümidini, cəsarətini itirmək, kədərlənmək.

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To lose hope, courage or eagerness; to be disappointed.

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Çok üzülmek, umudunu kaypetmek.

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"Heart sink" w tekście piosenki

La Femme - The blood of my neighbor

I am revenge and hate
And I go where the wind takes me
I'm looking for my lover's heart to sink my teeth into

Evan Band - Bushy Hair

Oh leili, my soul
I want you very much
I am so impatient
I accustomed to you badly

Munisa Rizayeva - That's Enough, Heart

I wish that farewell couldn't hurt me
I wish dreams couldn't slice my heart
I sink into questions and all sorrows splitted into my heart
I wish I just didn't stand on streets

Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem

Hello, it’s me your ex
I called to say not sorry but I wish you the best
And I don’t hold no grudges, promise this ain’t a test

Gazoz - She will never know

brown eyes, a paradise
for me, it's already clear that I would never meet her
and my heart sink down as a stone.
Every day I see her

takayan - Fake Smiles Kill Oneself

Behind the smiles, was crying all the time.
Can't even say something like "Stop taking the piss!"
The nails pinned in the heart, sink into the ocean of lies.

Galantis - Heartbreak Anthem

[Verse 1: Jade]
Hello, it's me your ex
I called to say not sorry, but I wish you the best
And I don't hold no grudges, promise this ain't a test

Johann Sebastian Bach - Although my heart is swimming in tears

Recitative S (Chorus I)
Although my heart is swimming in tears,
since Jesus takes leave of me,
yet his Testament brings my joy:

Medina - When Nothing Is Good Enough

Let it hurt
Let me draw a breath of relief
Now, let the heart sink
From the bottom we're looking up, yeah

Tricot - I Can't Even Become Fodder

I get to hear terrible discussions
My daily life is unbearable to watch
My relationships are cracking1
There's no leisure for the poor, I have to live accordingly

  • 1. The last two syllables of the above line and the first two syllables of this line are both "hibi", but used in different words in a pun (not uncommon in tricot lyrics).

George Michael - This Is How(We Want You To Get High)

So you raise another glass
Looking for a different space
I was leaning on the grass
Dreaming of a sunnier day

Đorđe Balašević - Life Is an Ocean

Life is an ocean, deep sea of darkness,
Where many sailors are doomed to sink.
My heart is no deer plagued by fearfulness,
The water’s dangers I don’t bethink.

Mael Mórdha - Back To Éire I Go With A Heavy Heart

One hundred days or one hundred years?
I cannot tell how long I've been here
Sampling delights of his kingdom bright
Far beneath the waves

Steve Chou - Last Tain

I just don't want to give up,I don't want to escape from you,I cannot live without you.
I have to make my heart sink to the bottom.
In the silent night,

Anna Vissi - Gas

No electricity, freezing cold, an empty fridge
And hoarse music coming out of a burnt speaker
Everything at zero, everything at minus, everything indefinite
And a voice reciting the poem to you

Medina - When nothing is good enough

Let it hurt
Let me breathe easily
Now let the heart sink
From the bottom, we look up, yes

Mieke Telkamp - Whispering Hope

Then, when the night is upon us
Why should a heart sink away?
When the dark midnight is over

Steve Chou - Last Train

I don’t want give up, I don’t want to escape,
I can’t live without you.
I can only let my heart sink deeper into loneliness.
In the quiet night,

Monna Bell - The beach

La la la...

When the beach was flooded with light and sunshine
And the sea with its rumor -

Dmitry Koldun - In empty room

Broken shadows lie on floor
I'll ask very quite: "Why?"
There won't be answer neither for me nor for you
Everyone is free here, we will lie to fate.