lay it on the line

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Znaczenie „lay it on the line”


form: to lay (something) on the line (for someone)

to risk something

In order to prove your loyalty to me you're going to have to lay your life on the line for me.

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"lay it on the line" w tekście piosenki

Guns N' Roses - November Rain

And no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away
If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head


Don't you think twice I'm telling you we'll make it here

I'll lay it on the line now honey
You're the one that I love

Sıla - After

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, could it not be the case?
I rebuffed everyone who got in my way, could it not be the case?
Maybe, they sent me up the wall and was bummed out
Maybe, the "you-reality" of my life didn't let me fall asleep a bit

Big Time Rush - Big Time Rush

Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh.
If you want it all,
Lay it on the line.
It's the only life ya got,

Big Time Rush - Worldwide big time rush

Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh.
If you want it all,
Lay it on the line.
It's the only life ya got,

The Lonely Island - Dick in a box

Girl you know we've been together
such a long long time (such a long time)
and now I'm ready to lay it on the line.

5 Seconds of Summer - Kill My Time

[Verse 1: Luke]
Wildflower, fingertips on me
I can feel them still
Stained hearts trying to find a home

Foreigner - Hot Blooded

You don't have to read my mind, to know what I have in mind
Honey you oughta know
Now you move so fine, let me lay it on the line
I wanna know what you're doin' after the show

21 Chump Street (Musical) - What the Heck I Gotta Do

The plan was called Operation D-Minus. And one of the schools included in the plan was Park Vista Community High School, where a kid named Justin Laboy—


James Blunt - Champions

Something 'bout your energy that moves me every time we touch
Worshippin' the only thing that's always playin' on my mind
So tell me what we waiting for? 'Cause we should lay it on the line

Bon Jovi - All About Lovin' You

Baby, you were there to pull me through
We've been around the block a time or two
I'm gonna lay it on the line
Ask me how we've come this far

Anastacia - One Day In Your Life

With the tears you let me cry
And, baby, I'm stronger than before
You gotta lay it on the line
Maybe one day in your life

Ternovoy (ex. Terry) - Zodiac

Tell me your sign as fast as you can.
Should I come inside or stand outside your door?
Are you a stubborn Capricorn or Aquarius?
Let the astrologers say over again that you'll not be mine.

The Band Camino - the black and white

I'll stare at your name
But I'm far from dialling
I want to lay it on the line
But all your calls decline

Martin Hall - Keep Coming Back to the Start

When I see what you're goin' through
with your head stuck in the sand,
I think of all the chances you blew.
Yeah, nothin' turned out as you planned.

Europe - Whenever You're Ready

Keep it running give it all you got

Lay it on the line
Pawed the way with overtime

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me

Let me lay it on the line
I got a little freakiness inside
And you know that the man
Has got to deal with it

Sammy Rae - The Feeling

You get something to prove, ah

You gotta lay it on the line and
Hope it don't get too heavy

Henry Lau - That One

Save you loving
You can just lay it on the line
And pour it out

Selena Gomez - Live Like There's No Tomorrow

If time could tune into today and we left too many things to say,
If we could turn it back, what would we want to change?
now's the time to take a chance
C'mon, we got to make a stand