Piece of work

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Referring to someone who causes trouble, difficult to deal with.

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Unaware of one's foolishness. Originates from "What a Piece of Work is Man" monologue from Hamlet by W. Shakespeare.

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(о людях): тот ещё тип; та ещё штучка; себе на уме; проблемный человек.

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"Piece of work" w tekście piosenki

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - 하루만 (Just One Day)

I’m an explorer adventuring through the deep forest of mystery
That is you
I appreciate the piece of work that is you
Because your existence itself is art

Aya Nakamura - The past

I'm not some girl just passing by (passing by)
Not one of those who share (no way)
You took my heart, were a piece of work
You made me crazy, crazy, crazy!


Always together with me J.One and SPEARB
We spend the whole night composing
Until we complete a good piece of work
I do it for the fam, I do it for the team

Gang of Youths - Magnolia

'Cause you're all being ignored, deadpan and bright
As I flip you the bird, I'm a pain in the ass
Yeah, I'm a real piece of work, just waving my arms like
Some terrible mime, and shaking my ass

Die Toten Hosen - Energized

We are back like we are born again

This song is our piece of work
And it's written with our blood

BRATS - I Wouldn't Have Cared

Now you come and apologize
So, you only want to save yourself?
You're a piece of work!

Villain - 밉상 [A piece of work]

벽에 쓴 낙서도
이젠 흐려져 가는데
지우개도 안댔는데
시간이 너무 흘러서

Mickey 3D - Playmobil

Réponse: Le poisson pané
Poorly finished, badly started
A little bit dumb, a real piece of work

Chlöe Bailey - Have Mercy

All this ass up in my jeans (Work, work it, work it)
You can't get up in between (Work, work it, work it)
You tryna get a piece of me (Work, work it, work it)
I can teach you a couple things (Lord, have mercy, work)

Death Note: The Musical - Kira

There all good from nothing I have nothing to look forward to

Except for Kira Kira what a piece of work
Like a savior Kira but he's just a little shit

William Shakespeare - Hamlet

is the image of a murder done in Vienna: Gonzago is
the duke's name; his wife, Baptista: you shall see
anon; 'tis a knavish piece of work: but what o'
that? your majesty and we that have free souls, it

Sara Montiel - Pichi

But me, you won´t touch!
Because I damn well don´t feel like it!
I´m a piece of work, me!

Brigitte - Heart of Chewing Gum

A mustache, class and panache
A nasty piece of work, unsophisticated
A little ass, a big, hairy one

Loren Gray - Piece of Work

You put it in the work (Ah)
We could work it out (Now)
You’re a piece of work (Ah)
But you’re a work of art (Yeah)

Russian Children Songs - I'm a nasty piece of work

That's what the girls call me.

Because I'm a nasty piece of work, I'm revolting
I've eaten lots of toadstools and I'm going to play dirty tricks

Dj Kas - Face down

come on, girl, don’t stop.
I like the way you twerk,
that ass is a piece of work,
you gotta give it up.

Hair (Musical) - What a Piece of Work Is Man

Of vapors

What a piece of work is man
How noble in reason

Hair (Musical) - What A Piece of Work is Man/ Open Eyes

What work of art is man
How noble to think
Infinite in faculties.
In movement and form,

Těžkej pokondr - Felicie


The bodywork is a piece of work of all muses
When it speeds I hear that blues of few horses

Hole - Skinny Little Bitch

So I could kick your scrawny ass
All the drugs and all the burns
What a nasty, what a nasty, nasty piece of work
Oh, baby, does it hurt?