take to heart

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Idiomatyczny przekład "take to heart"

Принимать близко к сердцу
rosyjski #1, #2
Узимати к срцу
Брати до серця

Znaczenie „take to heart”


to react to sth. with great sensitivity, be deeply affected by sth. (usually used in situations when one sympathizes deeply with another's misfortune or reacts to sth. more intensely than is warranted)

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"take to heart" w tekście piosenki

Aleksandra Prijović - Come To Your Senses

[Verse 1: Bojan Lexington]
You better let me go
Not me for a long time, I walked the earth alone
I've been in seventh heaven with her for a long time

MC Solaar - Caroline

I was cool, sitting on a bench, it was spring
They pick up a daisy, they're two lovers
Overdose of softness, they're playing like children
I love you a little, a lot, like crazy, passionetly

Evan Band - You are famous

Very cute ; makes me mad ; be unfaithful
Famous you are
Take my heart to the war
You are very beautiful tormenting famous

German Children Songs - All the birds are already there

all salvation and blessing.

What they announce to us now, let's take to heart:
We also want to be funny

Miyagi & Andy Panda (Endspiel) - Listen to Your Heart

I'll go where I haven't been, my will is simple:
I'm not able to see you. I leafed through the days.
May follows avalanches, take it to heart.
Let the fire is not the same as before,

Old Baku - Sweet Trickster

The wind is blowing, the Caspian Sea is rising
It is raining, the city is being washed.
The time's frozen, the darkness has come
The sweet trickster has joined us again

Weeekly - Universe

Rainbow that goes back (every day)
Merry Merry,to the running (fantasy)
It's always the same scene, (round and round)

G-Eazy - Me, Myself & I

[Bebe Rexha (G-Eazy):]
Oh, it's just me, myself and I
Solo ride until I die
Cause I got me for life

Ilias Kampakakis - Useless stuff

and I broke into tears.

As I left, I forgot to take my heart with me
and some useless stuff as well,

Itay Levi - Almost Two Years

The smile slowly stops to cover the pain
Not everything in life comes in four chords
And how much did I take to heart
Hey, I'm here and you stayed

Marija Šerifović - Don't mention love

Just remove your body from my body
leave the sadness all to me alone
For someone to take my heart from yours
and this love from hate

Brown Eyed Girls - My Style (Hidden Track)

You got me xoxo
What star are you from?
Did you come to take my heart?
Why are you doing this my darling

Itay Levi - After Everything I Miss You

Tell me why to ruin everything
How we still didn't learn not to fall
I always take to my heart
Your heart forgets everything

P. Susheela - River Ganges garden

River Ganges shore garden, group of young girls
Lord Kannan in the middle of them O O O
Lord Kannan in the middle of them
Morning breeze

Bee Gees - Words

Smile an everlasting smile
A smile can bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone
'Cause that could bring a tear to me

José Augusto - Take It, Heart

I told you I was afraid
Loving is not a kind of toy
Now you have to take it, heart
You have no salvation anymore

Ruby (Romania) - Don't take it to heart

Don't , don't, don't, don't take it to heart
don't take it to heart everything they say

Jetlag Productions - Dream on, Cinderella

Lovely as a flower blooming
On the first of spring
Roses blossom to her touch
She makes the songbirds sing

Ruby (Romania) - Leave the dong alone

I represent Romania, even in Africa"
Rubyna the Queen also represents
She doesn't take, she doesn't take to heart that the world talks
I take whatever there is to get, because at the tasks, Rubyna works

Nine Muses - Figaro

The love that I know isn’t like that
Patiently waiting and patiently approaching
To take my heart- that is the right way.