zoom in

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Idiomatyczny przekład "zoom in"

(броситься) стремглав

Znaczenie „zoom in”


to fly or move rapidly at someone or something

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(броситься) стремглав

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"zoom in" w tekście piosenki


But I don’t really care, it’s just another action
They keep click me, click me
Zoom in like they’re bewitched
Close up close up close up

ATEEZ - Say My Name

These four letters, it’s right here
Leave it behind so it’s noticeable
Zoom in here, Cause I’m the Captain


If I can’t avoid
I want this to be you
Zoom in more strongly

ATEEZ - Say My Name

Ирым ттак нэ кыльджа ёгида
Тхи нэгэ намкёнуа
Zoom in here Cause I’m the Captain

ATEEZ - Say My Name

이름 딱 네 글자 여기다
티 나게 남겨놔
Zoom in here Cause I’m the Captain

Julien Clerc - Mélissa

Under the silk of her slit skirt
In zoom, in close-up,
All a bunch of people

Rosalía - TKN

Neither a new friend nor a wound

Zoom in on the face, Gaspard Noe
This don't shoot anymore, I emptied it all out

Capital T - 200 days

and my heart is about to get a heart attack, boom boom
Do you want me to get a little bit closer? x2
You zoom in, I do not know how many nights I spent being sleepless
I do not like anyone else more

fromis_9 - WE GO


푸른 밤 City light (더 Zoom in)
분위기에 물들어 (자 이리)

Nightwish - Noise

Crave the machine
Revere the screen
Zoom in for flak and misery
Bleed some pixels

Alain Delon - Like at the Movies

White and black.
Exterior : night. Zoom in on the Jaguar.
Like in the movies.

fromis_9 - WE GO

We go, we go, we go, we go, oh, oh

Blue night, city light (Zoom in more)
Soak in the vibes (Right here)

MOON - Stand Tall Think Clear

Don't let them see you hate the fear

Rising doves zoom in zoom out
Open your window let them hear your shout

West Side Story (OST) - America

Skyscapers bloom in America
Cadillacs zoom in America
Industry boom in America


Zoom.. baby baby.. (Tell me baby how you are)
Zoom.. baby baby..
Zoom.. Baby (Tell me baby how you are)

Kim Dong Han - Focus

My flashlight has discovered a new you
Dazzling,oh yeah,it contain us
I wanna see you from closer,zoom in
Oh baby,I'm pulling on you,alright

ATEEZ - Say My Name

ireum ttak ne geulja yeogida
ti nage namgyeonwa
Zoom in here Cause I’m the Captain


Baby, zoom
(You and Me forever and never, let's keep on dancing)
Baby, zoom (Everybody feel the love)
Baby, zoom

Taco Hemingway - Cabriolets

They chase us in a cavalcade
I wear a tracksuit, they want to catch me wearing some Balenciaga
They write, zoom in, and stare at my flaws
But they won't write about how me and my friend sold out a stadium

FAKE TYPE. - Nightmare Parade

anmin no yoru wa abunai hitorikiri sarani masu bai
tobikiri Wicked komoriuta ni unagasarete makura ni Zoom-in
sumizumi peron yume tsumatta atama (jyururi…)