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Fangirl life

There he's , here I'm
Dreaming of meeting them, sleeping listening to them
They don't know about me , I know everything about them, they don't know about my exist , their exist was
from best things That happend to me ...they call me a fan I call them a pasdion ! Social media are new for me , I'm drowned in this life because of them
Friends or fangirls !? What should I call them , they enterd my life to fall together in love with them ! Theren't
just a band for us ..they're our dream , love & sun
Adults look at us was a very strange way , what's thisvfoolish life , what's this strange way !?
Foolish foolish life ..I'm drowned in it
Fangirl life fangirl life how should I get rid of it !?
Udostępniono przez Sandra il voloSandra il volo dnia sob., 29/07/2017 - 19:11
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Many girls are living fangirls life ..maybe they will feel this song !



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