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So good

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I wanted rain, it didn't rain
I had found a job, I didn't like it
while listening to everyone, only to me did it not listen?
Did I ask for too much and it didn't happen?
Once I tried but
he didn't really become mine
nobody other than you
nobody other than you
Nobody other than you become mine
so good it didn't happen
so good it didn't happen
My ivy didn't clamber
didn't keep my secrets at all
I lit up a match, it didn't burn
there was none left in the box
I gave pills, he didn't swallow them
I predicted destiny, didn't turn up like it
so good it didn't happen
my words weren't true at all
I ran after him, he didn't escape
so good it didn't happen
I was enthusiastic, now it's not there
He didn't even dip his bread with me
so good it didn't happen
I made up a lie, he didn't believe it
My shops were not open
so good it didn't happen so good it didn't happen
so good.
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İyi Ki

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callmevilgcallmevilg    pon., 11/02/2019 - 10:53

Yağmur istedim, yağmadı= I wanted rain, it doesn't rain.
"Sarmadı" on the second lane means "I didn't like it."
Sarmaşığım tırmanmadı= "My ivy didn't clamber"
If you change the translation as I wrote, I believe it'll become better. Thank you!