Kamikaze (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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Shhh, be quiet
They're going to find us
No, don't laugh
They're going to ruin our happiness
They're going to make us frown
They're going to ask how we're doing
They're going to tell us our fortune*
They're going to play our song
They're going to stay with us
We're going to feel them in our bones**
We're flying so lovely, kamikaze
They're going to be a barrier in front of us
We're sleeping so lovely monolithically
They're going to sleep between us
Don't be there, be here
They're going to stand in front of us
Don't be loud, be quiet
They're going to make words
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*Fortune telling is very common in Turkey and is done at home mainly through Turkish coffee. It's very relaxed and a friendly thing to do. In this case, it is used ironically to represent that people are going to upset us but act like our friends.
** To have a hunch, usually about feeling as if a person is going to visit soon or is going to do something in general, very soon.
Wonderful song, one of my favorites.
This is the best I could do, hope you enjoy!



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