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Blind Love

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I dont know how to tell, I'm full of the joys of the spring
As if I'm not that crazy, cheerful person I used to be anymore
It's freezing cold, outside, it snows hard, but I'm burning inside
I could even swim in the minus 40 degrees water, believe me
What else could what they call blind love, blind love be? Blind love, blind love, who could possibly seperate you from me
Don't underestimate it calling it a childish love, do not ever laugh at the situation I'm in
I cannot get how it started but I love you madly
I don't know how to tell, I'm going black
As if the world became upside down
All the lovers are hand in hand, arm in arm, they are hanging around so fine
And I'm like on my own in Noah's ark*, believe me
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*Noah took a couple from all kinds of animals to his ark
I've started with the older version and edited the parts that I think needed to be edited


Kara sevda

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