La berceuse du petit diable (tłumaczenie na angielski)

Proszę o korektę
tłumaczenie na angielski

The Little Devil's Lullaby

Micky Mouse and your Teddy bear
aranged to meet you
on the other side of your eyelids
which close on your cheeks.
In your cradle of light
you soar far away from us
to where all the world's children
dance with the fairies and the wolves.
Give yourself a little time,
you who can dream so often
save them as a memento, your childhood dreams.
You have nothing to do with the military
and their strong castles and treasures.
You. you make wars stop
little angel, when you sleep.
You will never be a prisonner
of dark ideas and regrets,
you, you make the universe sing,
little devil with golden hair.
Give yourself a little time,
you who can dream so often.
You put colours on my years,
me who no longer dreams as much as before,
save them as a memento for us. the grown ups.
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La berceuse du petit diable

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