Idiomy w języku
when pigs fly angielski10326
I don't give a shit/damn/fuck/crap/toss/dime/pennyangielski12728
The grass is always greener on the other sideangielski4518
(To) handle with kid (or kit) glovesangielski15
It's no use crying over spilt milk.angielski8622
pass awayangielski14018
(from) head to toeangielski5723
One man's meat is another man's poison angielski147
(come) rain or shineangielski306
It's not all sunshine and rosesangielski183
what's poppinangielski253
What goes around, comes aroundangielski14720
Break a legangielski3424
plot twistangielski33
bite the dustangielski14016
On top of the Worldangielski485
Blood is thicker than waterangielski3212
like father, like sonangielski7911
out of the blueangielski3810
Heart of stoneangielski3114
Easy peasy (lemon squeezy)angielski892
out of sight, out of mindangielski459
It's a small worldangielski263
as easy as pieangielski898
Heart of goldangielski325
Better bend than breakangielski134
Dive in head firstangielski101
The world is your oyster.angielski94
piece of cakeangielski8917
Raise no more devils than you can lay downangielski441
cross the lineangielski207
One man's trash is another man's treasureangielski142
In the blink of an eyeangielski756
I have a nknack for (something)angielski32
Ixnay on the upidstayangielski-1
When in Rome do as the Romansangielski642
come what mayangielski116
Your slip is showingangielski-4
(Don't) put the cart before the horseangielski672
Fair winds and following seasangielski111
A sound mind in a healthy body.angielski291
safe and soundangielski2311
be poor as a church ratangielski292
walk on byangielski382
Give me a breakangielski29
All in allangielski121
over the moonangielski483
Beat (or ride) like a rented muleangielski-1
on cloud nineangielski4812
seize the dayangielski312
Spit it outangielski124
The early bird catches the worm.angielski343
Don’t bite off more than you can chewangielski308
The Apple does not fall far from the treeangielski794
Time heals all wounds.angielski232
go all the wayangielski491
cleanliness is next to godlinessangielski44
(go) Bananasangielski3215
Learn to walk before you can run.angielski305
From the bottom of my heartangielski112
cross my heartangielski318
that will be the dayangielski1033
Every cloud has a silver lining angielski6213
give up the ghostangielski1404
Done is doneangielski862
simple as ABCangielski893
Time is goldangielski284
Ignorance is blissangielski176
on a cold day on hellangielski1032
Better Halfangielski147
In a heartbeat angielski751
better to ask the way than go astrayangielski51
All's well that ends wellangielski314
ASAP, STAT, or PDQangielski-2
to stand tallangielski234
Better late than neverangielski278
Save the dayangielski32
kick the bucketangielski14010
I have no clueangielski255
once in a blue moonangielski1311
Birds of a feather flock togetherangielski685
on the jobangielski49-
raining cats and dogsangielski6418
keep up withangielski97
speech is silver, silence is goldenangielski184
An hour in the morning is worth two in the eveningangielski282
A killjoyangielski233
In a jiffyangielski751
(the crack of) sparrow's fartangielski102
walk in the parkangielski891
In a Split Second angielski752
A whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God or menangielski231
clean up the messangielski12
Snitches get stitchesangielski-2
In an instant angielski752
the night is still youngangielski118
The die is castangielski402
get busyangielski493
hankie pankieangielski491
the pot calling the kettle blackangielski748