Idiomy w języku
(To be) on an Easter Egg huntEnglish-
(To be) on the warpathEnglish2
(To be) or to back, the underdogEnglish-
(To be) out of the loopEnglish-
(To be) out on a limbEnglish-
(To be) thick-skinned, (To be) thin-skinnedEnglish-
(To be) two-faced, or to have two faces.English2
(To be) up in armsEnglish1
(To be, or to get) screwed, blued, and tatooedEnglish-
(to be/become) a back numberEnglish1
(To go) from bad to worseEnglish41
(to have) free reignEnglish7
(to wear) beer gogglesEnglish2
(To) call someone outEnglish-
angielski #1, #2
(To) chase your own tailEnglish1
(To) come to griefEnglish-
(To) cross that bridge when you come to itEnglish-
angielski #1, #2
(To) drown your sorrowsEnglish4
(To) duck and coverEnglish-
(To) flip your lidEnglish-
(To) get a raw dealEnglish-
(To) handle with kid (or kit) glovesEnglish-
angielski #1, #2
(To) have your hands fullEnglish-
(to) leave someone holding the babyEnglish-
(To) man up. or, You better man up!English4
(To) nail it, someoneEnglish-
(To) pass the buckEnglish13
(To) rain on my paradeEnglish-
(To) Reinvent the wheelEnglish-
(To) roll with the punchesEnglish2
angielski #1, #2
(To) run around with your tail between your legsEnglish-
angielski #1, #2
(To) show someone upEnglish-
angielski #1, #2, rosyjski
(To) speak up for yourselfEnglish-
(To) step up to the plateEnglish-
(to) stick togetherEnglish-
(To) take to schoolEnglish-
(To) Twist someone’s armEnglish1
(To) walk in someone's footstepsEnglish4
(una persona) senza peli sulla linguaEnglish5
(viel) Hoppsassa und TrallalaEnglish-
(Voler) avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriacaEnglish25
(You can't) judge a book by its cover.English5
angielski #1, #2, #3
(You) want a piece of me?English-
(γράφω) στα παλιά μου τα παπούτσια / στ' αρχίδια μουEnglish80
(Όλα) αυτά είναι απλά μια ουτοπίαEnglish8
(быть) по плечуEnglish-
(Быть) с приветомEnglish7
(И) был таковEnglish6
(метать) бисер перед свиньямиEnglish24
angielski #1, #2, rosyjski
(Прийтись) ко дворуEnglish-
(что-то) вылететь из головыEnglish1
(что-то/кто-то) не выходит из головыEnglish-
(درآمد) بخور و نميرEnglish6
*butterflies in one's stomachEnglish14
... die Feste feiern, wie sie fallenEnglish1
...... يا عيني علىEnglish-
....dann fress ich einen BesenEnglish-
...wie bei Hempels unter'm Sofa...English-
: ऊंची दुकान फीके पकवानEnglish2
: बोए पेड़ बबूल का तो आम कहां से होयEnglish142
A (heavy) cross to bearEnglish1
a (la) merced deEnglish-
A (proven) track recordEnglish-
a altas horas de la madrugadaEnglish-
A bad corn promise is better than a good lawsuitEnglish3
A bad penny always turns upEnglish5
A bad workman blames his tools.English7
A bag of bonesEnglish2
a bargain is a bargainEnglish2
A barking dog never bitesEnglish74
A bat out of hellEnglish-
angielski #1, #2, grecki #1, #2, hiszpański, szwedzki, turecki
A battle of witsEnglish-
A beau mentir qui vient de loinEnglish20
A bed of rosesEnglish1
angielski #1, #2, rosyjski, serbski
A beggar can never be bankruptEnglish3
A beggar's purse is bottomlessEnglish4
a bhith anns an aon choire tethEnglish6
a big heartEnglish-
A big shotEnglish5
angielski #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, arabski, grecki
A bird in hand is worth two in the bushEnglish50
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushEnglish50
A bird of passageEnglish-
A bird's eye viewEnglish-
A bit of all rightEnglish-
A bit on the noseEnglish-
A bite of the cherryEnglish4
A bitter pillEnglish1
A blessing in disguiseEnglish-
A blind dateEnglish1
A blot on someone's escutcheonEnglish-
A blot on the landscapeEnglish-
A boatloadEnglish1
A bold asker is best matched by a resolute denier.English2
A bolt from the blueEnglish2
A brain trustEnglish-
A brain waveEnglish-
A brass farthingEnglish-
A breach of promiseEnglish-
a broken reputation is never mendedEnglish4
A broken watch is right two times a dayEnglish6