Lejonbruden (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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tłumaczenie na angielski

Lion Bride

In a shimmering bridal gown as white as snow
The daughter of a tamer, a flourishing maiden
She's forced to give a stranger her hand
In the morning begins the journey to a faraway land
Guests gather, but it's not time yet
For Selma to meet her most loyal friend
And mournful, she steps toward the lion's cage
To say farewell to her beloved animal
She's laying down where she used to
And wraps her arms around this surging man
And the king of the jungle has forgotten his wildness
When Semla caresses and whispers so tenderly
We must part now, you see my bridal gown
Thank you, dear friend, we can no longer be
I'm forced to give a stranger my hand
In the morning begins the journey to a faraway land
You gaze so tenderly, you understand me for sure
Sorry, dear friend, see my drying a tear
But hear how my bridegroom, he yells again
Farewell forever my beloved friend
A parting kiss, she gave the lion
But the man at the alter, the lion now sees
But even it's gentleness and kindness has limits
It quickly gets up in rage
The huge tail swinging
And Selma is deathly pale but she keeps her composure
Praying and threatening is a futile decision
The animal stands at the door, she does not escape
Come here with a gun, the stranger cried
A shot will put an end to this bloody game
And a deadly silence commands the rifle he has
He's loading it now, the animal understands its purpose
And the lion rampages in it's imprisoning cage
Selma wants to contest but doesn't know how
A roar resounds, merciful god
The lion tears to shreds the stranger's bride
And then it drank the blood of it's beloved
It calms down with sorrowful courage
Beside the pale body it waits to be comforted
A fatal bullet wounds it's chest
Jag uppskattar gärna förslag och korrekturläsningar.
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