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かけよう プラスチックのBuilding
制服で駆け出した Footschool?
Tekrisする ??
数式より確かな答えを 知りたいのに
本当は 知らないこともあるの
制服を脱ぎ捨てて Seventeen
恋って 終わりのないホームワーク
哲学より複雑 怪奇な 君の気持ち
気分次第で 口ずさんでる ラブソング
先生にもばれないように 耳打ち
気分次第で 君にあげてもいいよ
今まだだめ あと5センチのセンチメンタル
気分次第で 口ずさんでる ラブソング
ママには内緒の 真っ赤なリップスティック
気分次第で 君にあげてもいいよ
キスしてほしい あと5センチのセンチメンタル
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Lol Whatever

More than just being sweet,
Love is chocolate that's a little bitter
Let's decorate the plastic building
I started running in my uniform. Footschool?
It's almost like a labyrinth
Shall we do tekris??
A romantic maiden heart
Even though I want to know answers more reliable than the formula gives
The truth is there are things I don't know
I'm taking off my uniform. Seventeen
It's irritatingly slow
Love is homework without an end
Your bizarre emotions are more complex than philosophy
I whisper in your ear so the teacher doesn't find out
Depending on my mood, it's fine even if I give it to you
Its still too soon. Five centimeters of sentimentality are left
Depending on my mood, I compose love songs to myself
Bright red lipstick that's a secret from mom
Depending on my mood, it's fine even if I give it to you
I want to kiss you. 5 centimeters of sentimentality are left
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The song is Lol Whatever by Emoji Gurl according to the description of the YouTube video

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klausifixklausifix    niedz., 20/10/2019 - 11:59

Hello, silentsnow,
I only knew the song as a demo-song for my Magix Music Maker with a different arrangement.
Thank you very much for your translation and the hint where I can find the original (?)
The translation is very helpful for me. And the different arrangement is very interesting.


sandringsandring    wt., 22/10/2019 - 06:12

Sorry to disappoint you, Klaus and Silentsnow but that must be a different song. The lyrics don't match what Emoji Gurl is singing on the video. The translation is correct though. Regular smile