Mi forma de sentir (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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The way I feel things

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Each time I see the sunrise, just like today
All I can think about is you, my love
Distance is not a reason to abandon
The hope of kissing you again some day
Only you, Only you know
The way I feel things, the way I laugh
And even the way I cry
Only you know where I am heading to
Only you know very well who I am
Whenever I am home alone
I start thinking that you know
Someone else that could talk to you about love
But there's one thing of which I am sure
Oh! Woman
This thing between us
No one can undo it
When the day I see you again
Finally comes
I won't let you leave
Otherwise I could go mad
Nothing in this world would have
A reason for being
Without you love
I'd have never been able to know that
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Mi forma de sentir

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