Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (tłumaczenie na angielski)


Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker,
i Jesu føderum,
der samles mine tanker
som i sin hovedsum.
Det er min lengsel hjemme,
der har min tro sin skatt,
jeg kan deg aldri glemme,
velsignet julenatt!
En spurv har dog sitt rede
og sikre hvilebo,
en svale må ei bede
om nattely og ro;
En løve vet sin hule
hvor den kan hvile få
- skal da min Gud seg skjule
i andres stall og strå?
Å, kom, jeg opp vil lukke
mitt hjerte og mitt sinn
og full av lengsel sukke:
Kom, Jesus, dog herinn!
Det er ei fremmed bolig,
Du har den selv jo kjøpt,
så skal du blive trolig
her i mitt hjerte svøpt.
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My heart always lingers

My heart always lingers
in the birthplace of Jesus
My thoughts there gather
as their main sum
There is my longing at home,
there has my faith its prize
You I never could forget,
blessed Christmas night
A sparrow though has its nest
and sacred resting space
A swallow shouldn't need to ask
for nightly shelter and peace
A lion knows its cave
Where it'll find its calm
Should then my God have to hide
in others' stable and straw?
Oh come, I will open
my heart and my mind
and full of longing sigh:
Comest thou in, Jesus
It's not a strange homestead
you bought it yourself
So you can stay here,
faithfully swathed in my heart
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The original psalm was written in Danish; there are some interesting differences between the original and modern Danish text and the modern Norwegian text. Where I live (western Norway) the second stanza is not used in this song.

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