Out of nowhere

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Idiomatyczny przekład "Out of nowhere"

Out of whole cloth
Out of thin air
Out of nothing
Ud af den blå luft
Ud af ingenting
Εκ του μηδενός
Μέσα από το τίποτα
grecki (klasyczny)
Εκ μηδενός
De la nada
Uit niets
Uit de blauwe lucht
Aus dem Nichts
Do nada
Из ничего
В небытии
Från ingenstans
Durduk yere bi' şey yapmak.
Szemenszedett hazugság
Ex nihilo

Znaczenie „Out of nowhere”


"He came out of nowhere!" He came from some unknown, or unperceived direction. The exclamation made is often heard when someone gets in an auto accident and has no idea of how it happened.
It can be used when someone 'catches your eye', gets your attention that is attractive to you.

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Dal nulla.

That boy who crossed the street when the car was coming, came out of nowhere = Quel bambino che ha attraversato la strada mentre arrivava la macchina, è spuntato fuori dal nulla.

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Появиться неожиданно, неизвестно откуда вдруг появиться.
"Взялся из ниоткуда".
"Как из воздуха появился".
"Откуда он только взялся!"
"Неизвестно откуда"

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"Out of nowhere" w tekście piosenki

Folknery - Crow chicks

Cut and chop the trees, it's all green wherever you look, crow chicks.

Ivanko came out of nowhere, Ivanko came out of nowhere,
Cut and chop the trees, it's all green wherever you look, Ivanko.

Shoji Meguro - Last Surprise

Not a cloud
But then stormy weather's caught you cold
Seems like it crept up out of nowhere
All around

Radwimps - PAPARAZZI〜*This Story is Fiction〜

When "Your Name." came out as a big hit
Without delay those low-life things appeared
It's not like we just suddenly came from the countryside out of nowhere
We've been well-know for 14 years

Seventeen (South Korea) - Very Nice

and lose each other
So we can protect “us”, uh
I’m serious, out of nowhere, out of nowhere
Today I am

Fairuz - the people asked me

I said "he's coming back, don't you dare blame me"
I closed my eyes fearing that the people would see me hiding you in my eyes (meaning she's thinking about him and caring for him)
And the wind picked up out of nowhere
For the first time, we are not together

Farruko - Obsessed

Without thinking about it
I write you out of nowhere
I am overcome by the desire to be with you

Seeed - Eye Bling

standing in your yard singing a song out of tune,
the house pulsates. Furniture moves to the beat.
Out of nowhere, it goes from black to white [fn] Straight translation: Schwarz zu bunt = black to colorful. [/fn]
trade in my barstool for a house and dog,

DJ Project - 4 chambers

My love has gotten lost in the 4 chambers
Of your heart
You appeared out of nowhere in my life and left me smiling
Without vital functions

CNBLUE - Love Light

when i see you my heart goes thump thump
i talk with shyness like a kid
when i look at you i just smile out of nowhere
like a fool I keep doing that

Nalan Altinors - Enticing Lover

(1) "nazende" is very difficult to translate with a single word, it means the combination of enticing, nice, coy, coquettish, flirtatious.

(2) "aklıma düştün" you have popped out of nowhere into my mind

NF - The Search

That we try to suffocate, you know, hopin' it dies
Try to hold it underwater but it always survives
Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise
Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies

NF - Leave Me Alone

I'm in the game, but they don't even know it
Like I'm undercover and don't want to blow it
I come out of nowhere, they don't even notice
The flow is so cold, you would think it was snowin' (Oh) (Leave me alone)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand

You'll see him in your nightmares,
you'll see him in your dreams
He'll appear out of nowhere but
he ain't what he seems


People be thinkin' that I won the lottery
So paranoid, I don't know who be plotting on me
Out of nowhere try to fight you
I'm feeling like Raichu 'cause everything shocking to me

Ramy Sabry - The man

And who keeps her house and the secrets of the house is a real woman

Who be patient her problems gets solved right away, but who keeps making problems out of nowhere she's not real woman

J-Ax & Fedez - Absinthe

Consciousness dry clean, a cool head shower
I am so lost so that I find myself no longer
Nothing happens out of nowhere, I'm sure of it
My ambition has far exceeded my talent

Ishay Ribo - The Voice of Bells

A divine voice
A faint silence rises
Out of nowhere and She's there
Mother Rachel

Deichkind - Such Music

Dom Perignon and then the bottle goes bang!
The Dumbo from the game comes out of nowhere***
We don't have to explain 'cause this is our slang

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Hip Hop Phile / Hip Hop Lover (힙합성애자)

It was a new world
To me, who normally would write stories or poems
It came to be out of nowhere like Shimchung (t/n: story of a daughter and her blind father)
It opened my new eyes that I couldn’t open

Fauve ≠ - Letter to Zoe

girls are beautiful when things go sweetly,
without gruffness although I almost forgot by now.
that night by your side was like milk, like cotton that wrapped me out of nowhere;
even if I were told I wouldn't believe it,