Outlaws - Knoxville Girl


Knoxville Girl

The fog rolls in the morning
I can hardly find my way
Home to where the heart is
The words can't begin to say
Enough about the gentle way
You always take me in
Long and narrow winding road's
Got to take me home again
Go down, go down
Knoxville girl
With that dark and rovin' eye
Go down, go down
Knoxville girl
'Cause I know
You'll never be my bride
I met a little girl in Knoxville town
A town that I knew well
Feelin' good like I should
And to her love I felt
Time was long she lay there by my side
Held me close within her arms
And kept me satisfied
So on it goes and no one knows
Why heartache never ends
Above all that you will get
Exactly what it lends
Time has come to steal my love from me
In this pain I will remain
And sing this misery
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