Raven Kaldera - Invocation to Nott


Invocation to Nott

Hail to Nott, Old Woman of the Night,
The hem of your black robe twinkles
With the multitudinous stars as you go,
And we watch, and marvel at the Mysteries
You flaunt each night in your passing.
Hail, Hrimfaxi’s rider, dewdrops sparkling
On your dark bridle, nourishing the Earth.
Hag of the Night, Sacred Elder,
Silver-haired like the clouds across the Moon,
Mother of Day, Mother of Earth,
Mother of the Sea-Lover whose ships breast the horizon,
Lover of Jotun, Alf, and Van, and any
Whose upturned face in the moonlight
You find lovely in your old, old eyes.
Bless us, Nott, with fine sleeping
And may your dark horse ride gently in our dreams.
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Nott, whose name means merely "night", is Mani's herald, riding a black horse named Hrimfaxi. The dew drips off of Hrimfaxi's bit as he passes over the worlds. She is the granddaughter of Bergelmir the First Chief via his son Norfi, the famous giant architect who designed Asgard, Thrymheim, and the hall of Utgard-Loki. Her first husband (of three) was a Jotun named Nagifari, and their son was named Aud. By her second husband, Annar, a water-giant, she bore Jord, the mother of Thor. Her third husband, Delling, a red Alfar, gave her the son Daeg, who would be chosen god of the Day. Nott herself is a very old giantess, one of the oldest from before the flood, which she survived by being in the realm of the Dead at the time. It is rumored that she also had an affair with the old Vanir-god Frodi, and bore him Njord the sailor-god before leaving him with the infant boy. Nott is not known for being maternal; she tends to be a wanderer, leaving her various children to be raised by their fathers.

On the other hand, Nott is very much the wise old woman; although she is somewhat distant from most people's concerns, she can be helpful - when she chooses - for those who are searching for lost facts in the dark, especially about the past. She will casually drop a bit of her collected wisdom as she passes, like a star falling from her skirt. You may have a better chance at that if you are young and handsome and male, and you flirt with the old lady and remind her that she is beautiful and desirable - not that she needs reminding, but it's a gift she likes. Be warned, though; she make take you up on it. -courtesy of northernpaganism.



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