Galina Krasskova - Morning Prayer to Sunna


Morning Prayer to Sunna

Hail the rising of the Sun,
Great Goddess, Bestower of all good things,
Shining brightly, You traverse the heavens
Driving back the blanket of night.
Mighty Sunna, be my pace-setter
Help me to structure my day rightly
With time to work, and play, and pray.
Let me not lose myself to the hammering call
Of all that has to be done.
Help me to follow Your rhythms,
For You are wise and practical
And Your presence blesses us all.
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Sunna, or Sol, is the Norse goddess of the Sun. She has been called All-Bright, Everglow, and Fair Wheel. She drives across the sky each day, chased by the wolf Skoll who keeps her on course, which she considers mostly a fun game. Her Sun Chariot is drawn by two golden horses, Allsvinn (All-Swift), and Arvaker (Early-Waker), who pull the sun behind them. Its heat would be too much for them, except that Odin created a talisman called the Isarnkol, which hangs above their shoulders on the double yoke and constantly spreads cool mists, protecting them from heatstroke. -courtesy of northernpaganism.



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