Peri (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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He thinks I am a princess or a fairy…
Whatever mistake I make, he rewinds…
He thinks I am a character from mythology…
I have regular hair; he sees it as a crown.
Moments I leave is sunset for him.
Flowers and bugs are all his friends.
His heart stops beating whenever I give him a hug.
I wonder how he will end up if I leave him one day.
Hollywood girls are nothing compared to me…
Is there anyone like me, show me!
History will write about me even if I do nothing.
If I get trapped and fall down, he will get affected from evil eye.
Love is blind yet disabled.
I break his heart yet his heart is pluck.
My charisma is ruined.
But, hey listen to me, I am not anything.
We could not contact, he did not mind.
He got his heart broken, but did not give up, he did not understand I am not the queen.
I do not deserve the red carpets, and the value…
Take this crown back!
I am neither perfect nor a flower.
No worries, I am not going to get hurt, it will be over.
Ohhh please get these evil eyes back.
I am not Aphrodite, this is the truth!
I did not ask for the throne, please send it to me back.
I am always late, please wait for me.
My hands are ugly.
Get this! I am not the best!
I am not a magical beauty, he thinks I am a princess.
Whatever mistake I make, he deletes and rewinds…
Whenever I break his heart, he thinks I am perfect.
I have regular hair; he sees it as a crown.
Neither my jokes are funny, nor are my statements true.
I wrote this song, am I a genius or what?
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