REFLECT (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski


One word brings another.
My reflection in the water speaks to me
She says, "I am a bad, bad shark"
Her terrifying gaze, her glowing red eyes
Begin to sink into the void at the bottom of the sea
Why, oh why? (Your tired eyes)
Why do you cry? (Begin to fall)
I got you everything you craved
Tell me if I (Your darkest thoughts)
Can ever be (Unleash them all)
The me you wanted me to be
No lies, but also no truths
A life of no transparency is so much more smooth
But someday (A time and place)
Somewhere (For darker days)
Will we find common ground?
Look at this so-called “gem of the sea”
Odd & scrawny, don’t you see what I mean?
Return to what you know, it ain’t much I know.
Heh, it shows
I’m not like you
Stop it
I hate the way you judge me
I hate you
I don’t need to conform to any ideals
I just want to be myself
I just want to be understood
Heh! If you don’t conform, then why were you even born?
There ain’t no hopes, there ain’t no dreams
Only pain, pain, pain, pain
Be yourself?
Do you know who you are?
Give it up and ride the wave
Just chill
I’ve been searching and searching and finally found my answer
I will not lie to myself anymore
Forgive me (One story ends)
All this time (Begin again)
I’ve been too blind to see
I’m only here (While hand-in-hand)
Because of you (Until the end)
Because you’ve been there by my side
The past’s not important? That’s not right
A life that’s unpredictable is so much more bright
From here on out (No matter where)
Just stay out (Watch over me)
And watch how I live my life
So, you think that’s all huh?
Just gonna leave like it’s nothing?
Going without ME?
I don’t know what you’re THINKING!!
Return to the SEA
A shark is ALL you’ll ever BE
Goodbye (Our story ends)
Thank you (Begin again)
I will hide my heart’s desires no more
Goodbye (Once hand-in-hand)
Thank you (Until the end)
I will accept my everything and live strong
The deep sea is a boring place
But I’ll keep you in my thoughts forever
No matter when (No matter where)
No matter where (Watch over me)
I’ll live life true to myself
Nothing bad is without something good.
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