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angielski, Afrykanerski

Wat Pomp

Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo-Landi Visser
Jack Parow
DJ Hi-Tek
Die fokken Antwoord

Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp julle?
Wat pomp, wat pomp, wat pomp?

[Verse 1: Yo-landi Visser]
Fresh futuristig
Me I’m a misfit, drink my 5 roses tea with a biscuit
I’m shweet and I’m twisted, like a koeksuster
I’m rustig ekse, o, we go ballistig, you can’t fuck with this shit
It’s dark and it’s different, pay attention or be like "Fuck it, I missed it"
([Ninja] Joe, maar sy’s giftig, oo jissie is dit?)
Staan terug boetie, cause I spoeg when I spit shit
I missed it
My number’s unlisted
Yo fuck the system, I got my own system
Poes, I won’t listen, my tricky-dicky lietjie blows systems
You can hear me coming from the distance
Mense versigtig, I get up to mischief
Jou fokken mif dik lip op 'n tik klip
My style is poison, it’s a freak pak of gom
Giftige cherrie up on page 3 van Die Son


[Verse 2: Jack Parow]
Wat pomp julle?
Raak dronk op pille
Vrot binne as die kwaai pop singers kop sinne
Ek verskyn uit die stoom van die stort
Soos n droom of ‘n visie, 'n oom op n missie
Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me who's ill
I'm touched with true skill
I bust the blue steel
Shit, the mirror’s misty
Sjoe, who can this be
Let's see the seksie refleksie
Eksie perfeksie donner op 'n entjie
Stonewashed jeans palm bome op my hempie
Fuck yes I'm dressed for success, my breath is kak fresh
Jack Parow!
([Ninja] There you go, baby)
Look at that lekker romantiese Afrikaans superster rapper
Check my fokken uit, lat die beat drop player
Die naam’s Jack Parow, fok Steve Hofmeyer


[Verse 3: Ninja]
Me and my super fresh look to the rescue
We come to gently caress you
Like two warm ballas in a nice cold palm
Make you feel strange when the mic’s on
Okay, this is my song
Fok jou ek dink jy’s ‘n poes!
Vat jou vir ‘n poes want jy klink soos ‘n poes!
Jy rap soos ’n poes en jy sing soos ‘n poes
Hou my neus vas want jy stink soos ‘n poes
Alright lemme speak yo, all up in this freak show
Okay, check out my skill, geen fokken clue nie
Like my name was Nigel
Moenie my flippen tune nie
Ek gaan vir my ma se
Okay, toemaar los dit
If it doesn’t fit, force it, that’s my motto
I'm not weird, you're weird
I’m just flippin' new here
I rap like a sore thumb, what’s up with you brother?
I fit right in, like my cock in your mother
So don’t tell me I’ve got no fire
I’m running on the spot and I’m so tired
Hair getting blown back by my blow dryer
Jou naaier, jou naaier


Uuh (Hosss)
2009 (Yo)
Die fokken Antwoord (Fresh futuristig)
Yo, DJ Hi-Tek (Duidelik)
Yo-landi Visser (Some fucking fancy shit)

Jy check my op die fokken strate (Yo)
Jy check my in fokken larny restaurant (We’re very fancy)
Yo, jy check my op page 3 van Die Son

Yo, die fokken ninja (Ouch)
Stainless steel stab comin’ at ya
My borshare mooi afgeskeer (Daarsy!)
Donald Duck cap from the overseas (Oulik!)
Don’t fuck with my style
Ninja... I’m a tiger
Yo, waar die fok is Jack?

Ek dink hy’s in die toilet...

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