Second to none

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Idiomatyczny przekład "Second to none"

Sans égal
ohne gleichen
دومی نداره

Znaczenie „Second to none”


Никой (не е по-добър)

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Better than all others

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Sans égal

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Labāks par pārējiem.

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никому не уступающий; самый лучший; непревзойдённый.

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Diğerlerinden (Birinden, bir şeyden vb.) daha iyi olmak.

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"Second to none" w tekście piosenki

Tommee Profitt - Onward & Upward

Second to none
Willing and able
Call forth the chosen one
King by fear and fable

Skrillex - Dirty Vibe

Kick a hole in your speaker, and then split
Do it just for fun
I come second to none
Swervin' in the lambo like a son of a gun

Nanowar of Steel - Valhalleluja

For the pencils and the horse-meatballs we sing Valhallelujah
The ergonomics and the quality of your chairs
Are second to none

Justin Bieber - Intentions

Already passed, you don't need no approval
Good everywhere, don't worry 'bout no refusal
Second to none, you got the upper hand now
Don't need a sponsor, nope, you're the brand now

Michael Jackson - Black or White

In the Saturday Sun
I had to tell them
I ain't second to none

Nas - Hate Me Now

Hell or the pearly gates; I was destined to come
Predicted, blame God, he blew breath in my lungs
Second to none, wicked turn wives to widows
Shoot through satin pillows, the desolate one

Sabaton - Devil Dogs

"Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"

Second to none, a marine and a gun
Raising hell as they're fighting like dogs of war

Jacques Brel - I'm calling out

I'm calling out to lightcrushed houses
I'm calling out to you cry that is second to none

Elvis Crespo - Gently Up Against One Another

And you do it well
I like the way you move, Baby
You have a style that's second to none⁵, woman

TRCNG - Spectrum

We on it hit the bang
You’re my spotlight, the time has come
We’re second to none
Keep your head up

Ibrahim Maalouf - Lucky Charm

Under the pretense of having forgotten his gloves
The rabbit left her at his place and according to his plans
She should stumble upon a gift that was second to none
Instead of that, Alice trips and falls flat

RAF Camora - Roots

Never forget where we from
While we are journeying throu the jungle of danger and temptation
Seh dem no second to none
This is RAF Camora, Gentleman, now what a musical explosion

Sabaton - 40:1

Death and glory!
Soldiers of Poland
Second to none
Wrath of the Wehrmacht brought to a halt

Kool Savas - Futurama

I had to fight for everything I have
Now I'm defending the position of this music like a soldier<fn>Lit. "like a meerkat", referring to the animal's way of standing in attention on its hind legs.</fn>
To the left, to the right, where my enemies at? King S, second to none
Fresher than 7-up, laying these cats down like Tommy Lee did to Pamela

Ozuna - Sin pensar

[Verso 1: Swae Lee]
Come second to none, tell me bebecita
Badder than a super model, think that we don't see ya

Karl Berbuer - The Trizonesia Song

A Trizonesian has a good sense of humour
He's cultivated and intelligent
He's second to none in that regard
Even Goethe is from Trizonesia

HammerFall - Second To None

So many mountains to climb to be falsified
My spirit is second to none
And my heart can't be denied

Robin Sparkles - Two Beavers are Better Than One

They're twice the fun - ask anyone!
A second beaver can be
Second to none!
(Two beavers are better than one)

Kakkmaddafakka - Forever Alone

When I held your hand you were sincere
But did you ever think about me when I wasn't near you?
Why would you ever put me first? You are second to none
I wanted to leave, I tried to find someone new

Bryan Adams - I'll Always Be Right There

I believe in us, nothing else could ever mean so much
You're the one I trust our time has come - we're not two
People Now, we are one, ya you're second to none
Forever, we will be