Sharon Knight - Song of the Sea


Song of the Sea

One by one I cast my stones to the ocean
Every one a shard of memory
I have born my trials with honor and duty
Now I cast my soul to the sea
I long to return home to the halls of the Mighty
Where golden goblets overflow for me
Where the ever living dwell in endless summer
And strip my earthly cares from me
I cast my soul beyond the silver horizon
Adrift upon an otherworldly sea
The pearly net is opening before me
The many gifted poets welcome me
I will sleep in bowers of Rivendell beauty
With songs of heroes light upon my lips
Every kiss a wellspring of renewal
No defeat shall claim me
I cast my life away like stones on the ocean
Weary from the sorrows of my past
I am bruised but I have never been broken
I am come home at last
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