smoke and mirrors

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Cortina de humo
zasłona dymna
Напускать туману
Specchietto per le allodole

Znaczenie „smoke and mirrors”


something intended to disguise or draw attention away from an often embarrassing or unpleasant issue —usually hyphenated when used attributively

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the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information.

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сокрытие или приукрашивание правды, истинного состояния дел с помощью неуместной, отвлекающей, или вводящей в заблуждение информации.

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Algo destinado a disfrazar o alejar la atención de un tema a menudo vergonzoso o desagradable.

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"smoke and mirrors" w tekście piosenki

DJ Snake - Let Me Love You

Somethin' beautiful
Sellin' a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle
On a miracle

Demi Lovato - Smoke & Mirrors

Now that I see you clearer
Was it just smoke and mirrors?
Was it just smoke and mirrors?

Die Fantastischen Vier - Yours Sincerely

MfG - Yours sincerely
The world is at our feet, since we're standing on it
We walk upon it for a life full of smoke and mirrors
Before we fall, we'd rather stand out

Jayn - Smoke and Mirrors

No, I won't fall for this again
I'll always see behind your smoke and mirrors
I know you love me deep inside, you're simply caught up in her lie

Faye Wong - The Tides of Time

A lamp glows bright in my heart
You who allowed me to see through the smoke and mirrors
You are that lamp in my heart

Barbra Streisand - Don't Lie to Me

You can build towers of bronze and gold
You can build castles in the sky
You can use smoke and mirrors - all clichés
Not today, not today

Tender - Smoke

I was left to my own devices
Thought I found a friend
Smoke and mirrors made me lightning

JVG - Warm enough

Without winning any I’m staring down
‘Cos I have such fresh pair of sneakers on
It’s just talk, smoke and mirrors
That we can go on totally without any sleep

DJ Snake - laat me van je houden

Somethin' beautiful
Sellin' a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle
On a miracle

Nightwish - Song of Myself

I, too, wish to be a decent manboy but all I am
Is smoke and mirrors
Still given everything, may I be deserving

Tina Turner - Goldeneye

And time, time is not on your side

See him move through smoke and mirrors
Feel his presence in the crowd

Lucio Battisti - Our dear angel

He sleeps in bushes underneath the trees,
But he won't ever be a slave.
Smoke and mirrors,
[Those] with no reason flash on the ground,

Lil Wayne - Spiegel

Ich sehe mich an wie ich jetzt bin, und kann meine Verhangenheit erkennen
Verdammt, ich sehe genau so aus wie mein scheiß Vater
Zünde an, das ist Rauch und Spiegel[fn]Original sollte "smoke and mirrors" sien. Der Marijuanarausch ist bloß ein Trick, lässt ihn sich für besser halten, als er ist, vernebelt seine Selbstwahrnehmung.[/fn]
Ich sehe sogar im gebrochenen Spiegel gut aus

Seelennacht - Smoke and Mirrors

No, no!

Smoke and mirrors
And time runs its course

Sade - The Moon And The Sky (Remix)

I know we could have had it all
I wasn’t ready to go steady no not at all
Smoke and mirrors clouded my vision we hit a wall
Couldn’t see the moon and the sky behind the fog

Tommee Profitt - I Know Your Secrets

All of the promises you've made
Are dead and washed away
Your smoke and mirrors won't change what I know

Jayn - Smoke and Mirrors

Sana bağırmayı istememiştim
Senin dumanının ve aynalarının ardında hep göründüm
Oh tatlım, lütfen bana bağırma
Gerçekten görmesi zor değil


I'm staying true to myself, follow nobody, it's all smoke and mirrors
The dream, the kush and the purple one's, got everything I need
Wake up in the evening, feel under the bed for the Ultra Boosts
Have to go again when the road calls, got the Walkin' Blues

Söhne Mannheims - I'm Sorry

So much noise for nothing
So much smoke and mirrors
The best worst friends

Three Days Grace - Chasing The First Time

Chasing the first time

All the smoke and mirrors
Can't quite calm the fear