Te boté (Remix) (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

I threw you away

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[Intro: Darell, Ozuna]
Oh oh oh oh)
Yeah (yeah, yeah)
This is the real remix, baby
That's how it is
I spend a lot of nights thinking about you
I don't know how, or when (eh, eh)
But I only know that I remembered (eh, eh)
How I did it to you that time (oh-oh)
And I can not keep going alone (hehe)
But I know (but I know) that I threw you away (that I threw you away)
[Chorus: Ozuna]
I threw you out of my life, and I threw you away (yeah)
I sacked you and I let you go (and I let you go), I let you go (oh-oh)
You went away to hell, and you went away
I threw you out of my life (I let you go), I threw you away
Yeah, yeah, mami
[Verse 1: Bad Bunny]
Baby, life is a cycle (wouh!)
And what doesn't work I don't recycle (no)
So move from my life
So if i bring it to you it's to remember a TBT, yeah
I'm already tired of your lies
Now there is a tougher one that hits on me (yeah)
Everything has its end, everything expires (yeah)
You are the past and the past never returns
Fuck off (wouh!), my body does not need you
What she asks for is a dirty grind in La Placita
I don't think that what we had will be repeated
Go ahead, turn on a Phillie, get one ready for right now, yeah
[Pre-Chorus: Bad Bunny]
I hate to know that I trusted you once more
I hate every "I love you" that I texted you a thousand times
Baby, I have like ten [girls] who are better than you
What we had went away in a Bugatti and you stayed on foot
[Chorus: Bad Bunny, Darell]
I threw you away
I sacked you and I let you go, i let you go
To hell I sent you, I sent you
And I nailed your friend, I nailed her (This is a true turn, did you hear?)
Fuck you, son of a bitch, yeah
[Verse 2: Darell]
Baby I threw you away (hah)
And since I threw you out, the girls come three and three (that's right)
Ask them if you want, if you do not believe me (baby)
I no longer have stress' (baby)
The line is now filled via express (hah-hah)
What a turn, as your world turned the other way around?
And me with her in DR (haha-ha)
I fell in love the day that I tried her
I don't think I'll come back and have you
Mami, because for you I canceled the service
If I don't answer (huh) the problem will hit rock bottom
Mami, take a deep breath while I'm hiding it from you (that's the way it is)
With you, forced, I put on the condom
But post it to half court, baby, like Rondo (huh)
I'll give you a hard burial (that's right)
I know that over time the wound is healed (by law)
I know that in reality you are not on that level (huh)
I swear to you by God, although you shouldn't swear by God
[Chorus: Darell, Nio García, Magical Casper]
Baby, I threw you away (I just threw you away)
I sacked you and I let you go, I let you go (I sacked you and let you go, just so you know)
To hell I sent you, eh, eh (are you understanding what we're trying to say to you, to hell I sent you)
I threw you out of my life, uh, uh (this is the real return, we're the Magicians, baby, Real G4 Life, Casper Hey!)
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Te boté (Remix)

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