Todesspiel (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Game of death

Two little brothers, what a horror
the two of them alone at home
The older brother has obtained
the key to the weapons cabinet
For what comes next, you don't need much imagination
the hunt starts in the cozy home
The little brother, he agrees
he doesn't want to be a killjoy
In the mortal game
I want to see you bleed
In the mortal game
it shall happen for real
The iron digs into the back
passes through the child's ribs
'Game over, I'm the hero!'
is what passes from his lips
Creaking the door opens
He's switching on the light
asking for another game
The little brother doesn't answer
In the mortal game
I want to see you bleed
In the mortal game
it shall happen for real
In the mortal game
Divine, brutal and beautiful
In the mortal game
I want to see you die
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GuestGuest    sob., 12/04/2014 - 23:00

I really like the lyrics!


I think Todesspiel should be "game of death."

Phantasie, in this context, should be "imagination.", since I think the idea is "anyone can guess, what will happen next." It's a bit ambiguous what the "then" is referring to for me, I would probably put "for what comes next, you etc..."

"Das Eisen" in this context, I think it's actually better to keep the article in there, and make it "the iron". "digs into" would probably be more idiomatic than "Eats into" though I like the metaphor that "eat" makes.

I think it should be "passes through"-I know it's literally "out" but saying passes through communicates the same thing in this context and I think it sounds better. "rips" should be "ribs"

"so it passes.." I think would be better as, "is what passes from his lips"

"divinely" should just be "divine" in this context I think.

caillean7caillean7    sob., 12/04/2014 - 23:09

Great, thanks for your suggesions Regular smile I'll take them all. This band has great lyrics, they are full of metaphors, word-plays and double meanings, this one perhaps not, but some. That doesn't make them easier to translate, though.