Tokyo Ghoul (OST) - Remembering



I'm waking from this dream
Returning to reality is so bittersweet
But I open my eyes and the illusion is fading
Slipping away
It was just within reach, yet so far
I lay here all alone once more
I dreamed you were beside me
You were there once again
As if you had never left and
I remember wanting to say
Asking you not to go, but I know that was impossible then
You say "I can't stay here"
As my damp eyes open
The sun shines on the bleak horizon
It's just another day
I look out at dimly lit buildings and think of you
Am I imagining you here, right next to me?
Your eyes catch my own
I look back fleetingly, before I realized you're really there
I dreamed you'd be beside me, that we would meet again
Your eyes glisten, your tears are falling
I know you have not forgotten the past that
We shared as I quietly watch you wipe your tears away
Although I've found you, I know this meeting will not last
I have to let go continue finding your way
Though I will miss you
It's time to wake up from this dream
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