TOUBOU (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski


All of those who walk in front of me
Pick up rotten, dirty mud on their feet
Sell your soul to greedy demons
In the dark, at the bottom, where you become smoke
Those who fell because they’re weak-willed
Watch me as I crawl from Hell
Wearing bulky, tacky masks
These unsightly fools scream and shout during Higan
A warning chanting in my head
A plan that’s already been laid out
Remember, no matter what, I can’t abandon my honesty
Please God, for my escape
And lead the way
Judge of evil, yet I’m not satisfied
To this day I can’t let my borders down
Dissociation, solitude, rope and waltz
The scene buried in my brain
An awful hell, a disappearing memory
Everyone, even Him, are hypocrites
If the entire world disappeared one day
Nothing would make me happier
Drunkenness that walks with heavy shackles
This life that is now crawling from the darkness
Remember, no matter what, I want to walk this path honestly
Please God, for my escape
And lead the way, already!
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